[ Fanfic ][ Hotsuma x Shusei] Blood

Author : Day Dreamer. Pairing : Renjou Hotsuma x Usui Shusei Fandom : Uraboku Inspiration : Nothing, I'm feeling blank. Completely nothing . Note : THIS IS STILL A VIETNAMESE FANFICTION XD Uraboku is not mine, if it did, the main pairing will be HotShu already 😉 Tiny really really small hint of Fem!Shusei and… Continue reading [ Fanfic ][ Hotsuma x Shusei] Blood

D18 · Day Dreamer's Diary · Harry Potter · Hetalia · UraBoku · USUK

YAOI DAY – Doujinshi

Photos using are not mine Did I need to say ANYTHING ELSE ???  IT'S FRUKING YAOI DAY EVERYONE XDDD  HAPPY YAOI DAY ❤ NOW , TO THE FANGIRL'S MOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN, YAOI'S SPAM XDDDDDDDDD . USUK ❤ XDDDDDDDD with most of their doujinshi are R18, I'm not OLD enough to read them yet *… Continue reading YAOI DAY – Doujinshi