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Eng version of this unbox is here BẠN KRYS LẠI UNBOX ALBUM ĐÂY =))))) Tâm tư tình cảm dạt dào về album này thì lỡ viết trong bản Eng trước mất rồi =))) Nên thôi bạn mị unbox luôn =)))   Krys rất hà lòng với album, vì nó vừa đẹp, vừa đáng đồng tiền… Continue reading [VIET][UNBOX][BTS] WINGS – Ver “W”

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[Unbox][BTS] WINGS – Ver “W” (Eng)

g , Vietnamese version is on this link. Bản tiếng Việt ở link này Hello kiddo,  I am pretty sure lots of people already do this but oh well, let's go! So BTS released their album "Wings" in early October, and as an art hoe I am, I got immediately interested after watching the series… Continue reading [Unbox][BTS] WINGS – Ver “W” (Eng)


Misha Collins – Supernatural Facebook page Q&A March 25th 2014


I have removed all names – Questions are just shown as Q.
  • Misha Collins How does this work?
  • Misha Collins thanks. This helps.
  • Q. Whats your favorite episode Misha???
  • Misha Collins the french mistake.
  • Q. whants to know what happened with the old trench coat lol
  • Misha Collins It’s in the smithsonian
  • Q.who gives better hugs jensen or jared lol
  • Misha Collins Jensen. Jared’s too bony.
  • Q. Hi!!! My question is how much would I have to pay for you to come to my 13 birthday party?!?! I will find a way to get it (please not to unrealistic I’m only 12) I would do anything!!!! Please reply you are amazing and my idol I want to meet you for my birthday!! My dad didn’t have enough to take me to the Vegascon or the chicon:( so I want to meet you for my birthday! I love you!!! 💕💞💞💕
  • Misha…

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[ SPN ] Little Wonders

 Author : Day DreamerIt's -21 degree Celcius where I live and there are snow outsideSo well, WELCOME TO CANADA you ***********'xDInspiration : Little Wonders - Rob Thomas   __________________________ Little Wonders ________________________ Hôm nay là một ngày nắng. Trời xanh trong, cao vời vợi và gió đông nhẹ nhàng mơn man trên mặt cỏ đẫm sương sớm… Continue reading [ SPN ] Little Wonders


A peek at Uraboku’s Art Book ‘Phosphor’ plus Snippets of Chapter 41b

Okay guys, Day Dreamer is here and I AM DROWNING MYSELF IN THESE XDDDD

the Brownie Post II

Hotaru Odagiri’s illustrative art book for *Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru* titled ‘PHOSPHOR‘ was released on 22-April (last month) and I had pre-ordered it way back in Dec of 2010. I received the art book nearly 2 weeks ago but was just to busy to gab about it. But since I’m in the mood to post again, I opt to share some preview teaser scans from the art book and of course, snippets of the latest chapter that was out in Asuka June edition as well.

PHOSPHOR’s Jacket Cover

I’m aware that some Uraboku fans had shared their own art book scans in the Uraboku LJ Community. Well, I just want to state that what I’m sharing here on tBPII and Aozora Dreams (my LJ site) are my own preview picks from ‘Phosphor’ and yes, they are my own scans…not some other people’s. Because it…

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