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[Unbox][BTS] WINGS – Ver “W” (Eng)

g , Vietnamese version is on this link. Bản tiếng Việt ở link này

Hello kiddo,  I am pretty sure lots of people already do this but oh well, let’s go!

So BTS released their album “Wings” in early October, and as an art hoe I am, I got immediately interested after watching the series of short teasers. Their primary promotion song ” Blood Sweat, and Tear” is totally a Must-Listen of late 2016 ! You can check out on Youtube!

I am new to BTS, not the music, I have been listening to some of their most famous title songs for the last 2 years. But not until BST that I got hooked. They r very nice kids, please follow me into the darkness because these boys are surely know how to entertain you.

For who do not know, bighit released this album in 4 versions , W,I,N, and G. The photos in each version will be different in term of which member(s) is the focus but all the units and groups photos are the same.Without further ado, here is my unboxing for WINGS – Ver W.


Front Cover


Back cover with the list of songs
The card that go with the album as gift is a polaroid style card. Mine is Taehyungie ❤
On the back of the Polaroid is his (printed) signature with a thank you
WINGS – First page
Bangtan Soyeondan – Bathroom ver

So, ver “W” is a one person ver.As you can already tell, Bangtan has 7 members but there are 4 versions, 2 members per version, Suga and Jimin, JHope and V, JungKook and Rap Mon, and Jin has his own version, which is “W”.

As I said above, the versions photo book are different solely on which members each version focus more on. So W, with Jin , has photos like these below, and I may or may not come up with a theory that connect to the I Need You/Prologue/Young Forever/Run theory… based on his photoshoot for Wings. I only capture a few photos here to show you how it looks like, in the total of 96 pages of photos. Please buy BTS’s Wings!



He looks like my mom when she opens the door and she sees me tackle my sister on the ground

Then we some units’s photos.

Jin, Jimin and Yoongi, rocking bathtub like they have never been before. Also, I want Jimin out of that tub, like right now, consider what happened the last time he was in a tub.
Jin, with JHope and V. Boy, what the fuck is with your feet on the wall.
Family photo, with Mom, Dad and Baby. (iamsorryiamjustanamhjinhoe)
And group photo to end the photobook
And then we have the lyrics and credits and thanks part
Song No.2 피 땀 눈물 – Blood, Sweat and Tears
Kids, it is mahni mahni mahni, not money xD
And there is a snipet into RapMon’s thanks
And the CD itself


BTS surely is a Kpop group that do not fail to amaze me. I have not been  staning any Kpop groups in the last 2 years. I do listen but then it is just music. Give them lots of love, and once again, CONGRATULATION ON WINING ARTIST OF THE YEAR BOYS!



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