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The Holmes Brothers

Or the Ultimate BonLockMerlin!AU.  I kinda reading into lots of 00Q fanfic when waiting to go and watch Spectre with my friends. The thing is, I found the idea of BondLock very interesting and even with a twist of Merlin in it, it is like the orgasmic of awesomeness. I mean, they probably the most powerful family this entire world ever imagine to EVER witness. We can dream arent we ? Here we go, on this voyage with me into my favorite alternative universe.  If anything, blame the ” Q as a Holmes” tag on AO3 and One Direction  What a Feeling for doing this to me.


Eldest son : Mycroft Holmes

Occupation : ” A small position in Number 10 Downing Street ” England in disgust

Actor : Mark Gatiss

It is really obvious, I used to think he is the “M” of MI6 after that scence in The Reichenbach Fall where he sit in a enclosed room, probably underground, debriefing with Lestrange. However, I get someone even better in my mind for the position of MI6’s M. His character is canon. He is overprotective of every brothers he has. He loves them dearly, however, he keeps his distance because of various reasons. I have not read Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books yet so I do not know what is the age gap between Mycroft and Sherlock, however, based on the actors in this AU, I said they should be 5 – 7 years apart.

Troubled middle child : Sherlock Holmes

Full name : William Sherlock Scott Holmes.

Occupation : Consulting Detective

Actor : Benedict Cumberbatch

IT IS PURE CANON I HATE MYSELF. I imagine that Sherlock has a pretty strong protectiveness to his brothers, however, he does not find any of them interest. Instead of that one. He is also very protective of that one too, if you know what I mean. All of them get along prettily during their childhood, however, an ugly incident happened one day to that one made Sherlock never be able to not blaming Mycroft about what happened.

The third: Emrys Pendragon

Full name : Emrys Abel Pendragon née Holmes, preferably called Merlin

Occupation : Prince Consort of Duke of Cambridge *cough*

Chief secretary of Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, British Ministry of Magic

It runs in the gene I told ya. Thin figure, bright eyes with untamed sex hair. I chose Abel as his middle name because it comes from Abelino, meaning bird, young and freeeeeeeeeeeee. He is the only brother that is married. His spouse is the Crown Prince of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, however, Emrys is not a prince consort only, he is also has a position in the Magic government of the country as well, along with his oldest brother of course. His tight schedule does not allow him to be around with his family a lot, so Christmas dinner is HELL in the Holmes household because ” Apparently you feel like you should help MUM being MUM, Merlin.”

Youngest : Sherrinford Holmes

Fullname : Sherrinford Benjamin” Ben” Quintilian Holmes *fight me*

Alias : Benjamin Richard Frobisher

Occupation : Quartermaster of Q-Branch , MI6 [ File Classified]

I really like the idea of ” You know what happened to the other one” in Sherlock because it reminds me of this AU. Why? Remember that one? He is the one that cause the conflict between Sherlock and Mycroft. He is too much of a genius to be allow to run wild and freetherefore, after Mycroft recruited his own brother into MI6, Sherrinford has to faked his death in order for MI6 to clear his identity off the Earth. He lives under the alias of Ben Frobisher now in an apartment near Vauxhall Cross. I imagine that he would be took out of Eton when he was barely 16 years old, recruited as an intern in Q Branch under the old Q and worked his way up to R and then promoted to Q during the Skyfall incident. It maybe or maybe not his oldest brother’s fault when the government, both magical and Muggle, found out about his particular talent in computer science. He has a very good relationship with Sherlock when he was young, therefore, when he faked his death at age of 16, Sherlock went batshit crazy on Mycroft, he blamed Mycroft on Sherrinford all the time because ” He used to be the only one that understand me, not saying even appreciate what I did. It is your fault Mycroft and I would never forgive you about Sherrinford.”

Mycroft and Sherlock have about 5 to 7 years gap between them. Meanwhile, Sherlock and Emrys has a 3 years gap and Emrys and Sherrinford is another 5 years gap. In total, Mycroft and Sherrinford has a gap of 13 to 15 years between them.


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