One Direction

[Review] One Direction Fragrance ” Between Us “


As most of you already know, One Direction launched their newest perfume named Between Us early August 2015 in UK and North America . I was hoping trouble write this review much sooner but due to the popularity of the product and the size of my tiny city, I just got this baby yesterday. In addition, please have a round of applause for my brother, William,  who purchased it as my early birthday gift 👏


Let get into the point, first thing first, this is the 50ml bottle , sold for CAD $39.99 without taxes, from Shopper. The bottle is very cute, transparent/ light yellow-ish and not in pink ( thanks gosh ). The bottle alone is quiet heavy, the cap is very very very secure and there is a tiny black loop thing tie to a golden decor on the neck of the bottle with One Direction written on it.


Here is the box. I can’t estimate the size because I have smaller hands than most people but I am using a Samsung Note 3 and I can hold my phone and the box in one hand 😦

The card is mostly the same as the cards of That Moment, You&I etc , with the series number , mine is (Between Us ) BU00001687 and behind of the card is photo with (printed) signatures of the boys on it. Inside the card is the descripton of Between Us. And because I am living in Canada, which mean the description is in two languages, English and French. Deal with it xD







And here for the main part , the smell of the perfume. Between Us was described as having ” fresh, floral and fruity” scent. To me, it smell so much like jasmine and mint, giving out the freshly minty feeling. There is something very familiar but I cannot quiet put my finger on it yet. Between Us, in my opinion,  is more “mature” than the other perfume in the franchise. It is not so sweet but yet enough to get the other scents in it as well.

And it stays pretty longgggggg. I mean it. If you are like me, not doing much physical subject at school except drama, it can stays on for an entire day. I put it on the back of my ears so some of it caught in my hair and whenever I turn my head I can always smell the minty scent in the air. It is very distinctive scent, I doubt I found anything close to this before. Even though the bottle is quiet small, however, it worth the money.

I am planning on purchase the rollerball version of Between Us, however, it is now out of stock 😦 so buy it while you still can and tell me what you think. I guarantee you it worth every penny! Lots of love, Krystal 💙💚

This is not a paid promotion btw. If I work for their management, I would like to make a few certain changes please.


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