[KarRoy- Khải Nguyên] 20 things they did that make the world spins right

Dedicated for Karen , my sweet little Kaiyuan shipper that tried so hard to understand even when she does not have an idea of Vietnamese or Chinese

You are the best Karen, I’m glad we found each other ;A; ~

The title is copyright Karen btw …

These are facts, literal facts that I memorise . They are just a tiny little part of their world xD

And i am very , very, very sorry for my very bad English ;A; Past tense is not my strong tense okay ;A;

  1. Because of the junior high final test, Karry could not attend the Beijing Fanmeeting, he personally texted Jackson and told him that he is now the team captain and he has the job to took care of Roy. ( Jackson is younger than Roy, mind you again)
  2. In Idols’ Manual a.k.a Trip to Taipei behind the scene, Karry told their manger/staff that she should not give Roy the wifi’s password because Roy would not finish his dinner if he had it on hand.
  3. Also in Idols’ Manual, Karry told the interviewer that even if Roy snacks a lot, it is entirely alright , ” because he is too thin you see “
  4. Before their official debut , Karry was asked what did he give Roy for his 13th birthday, he did not answer. But when Roy got asked, he told them ” He ( Karry ) said he could not buy me the iPhone5 yet, so he brought he the new Apple earphones.” which Roy still has until this very day.
  5. At the Guangzhou airport, Roy wanted to sleep so Karry gave him his fluffed pillow
  6. Karry put Roy on his shoulder on Taipei’s beach and run to the end of the world
  7. On the bus, because it’s very shaky , Karry puts Roy between him and the side of the bus so if Roy falled, he would not hurt himself
  8. Karry tied Roy’s shoelaces, not only once, but twice !
  9. ” One is the summer, the other is fall. We can turn the Winter into Spring.” – Happy Camp 2014
  10. Roy put his head on Karry’s shoulder when he’s tired ( it’s a fact , a freaking fact that made me wanna cry )
  11. And when Karry is tired, Roy’s shoulder is there for him to lend on * me crying enternally *
  12. Karry and Roy went to Häagen-Dazs together, but not any Häagen-Dazs, the motto of China Häagen-Dazs is ” If you love some one, bring them to Häagen-Dazs ”
  13. Karry carried the power bank while  Roy’s phone plugged in.
  14. They were holding hands when they received their first big award. Tightly with ten fingers joining perfectly.
  15. When it got too crowded in the aiports, Roy will hold tight to Karry’s backpack so he will never lost Roy ( to us ) , then he will push Roy to the front of him. 

  16. Karry wore Roy’s fansite gift to Roy to the airport. Not ANY fansite but Roy’s Planet , the fansite with a male master that actually screamed Roy’s name and gave him flower at one airport before
  17. Roy used to hide behind Karry. Because he is way shorter, it becomes a really really cute scene xD
     (original photo already deleted )
  18. It is the airport and a lot of their fans were around, Karry will always be there for Roy when he is tired

  19. We still have one times of 10 years, two times of ten years, three more times of ten years to tell each other whatnever we have to say.”
    ” Chúng ta còn một cái mười năm, hai cái mười năm, ba cái mười năm nữa để nói hết với nhau những gì cần nói
    – Wang Jun Kai, Letter for Wang Yuan’s 14th Birthday , TF Teen Go Season 2. 

  20. ” Thank you, Wang Yuan, for letting me know the true meaning of life ”
    ” Cảm ơn em, Vương Nguyên, vì đã cho anh hiểu thế nào là ý nghĩa của cuộc sống ”
    – Wang Jun Kai, Idols’ Manual, last episode.

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