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Second Generations of my OTPs

Okay, I have this idea in my mind for a really long time already


Like, their kids you know.

I only have some right now, but I’m sure I will figure out more in the near future .

And I am thinking of publishing some of my 2nd Generation fics …. so yeah…

Let’s start !


Henry Robert Gabriel Winchester the Junior .

*  Real name : Ben Barnes * 

* the infamous gif of Destiel’s lovechild on tumblr*

I name him Henry Winchester Jr. in most of my rough draft of Second Generations Ficlet.

He is prefer as HENRY WINCHESTER JR.

I name him the name Henry is to me, Henry Winchester is a very special character. I don’t know why, but Henry gave me the feeling that if he is still alive, he would be that kind of granddad who will read you stories and tell you his adventures and your dad’s secrets during your stay at his farmhouse for Summer holidays .

Robert is for Bobby. Bobby is technically Dean and Sam’s dad . He cared for them much more than John did and he loved them as his own children that he could never has.

Gabriel is for Gabriel of course. I like Gabriel so so much, I think Castiel will give his son Gabriel as middle name because in my headcanon, no one care of Cas more as a fledgling than Gabe * along with Balthy also* . Gabe is a special someone, a really caring brother before everything happen on Heaven and I think Cas would love to name his son after him.

He also have other name , such as Josh Winchester , but I rarely use it because I know this particular guy who name also Josh and he wears Samulet . And it hurts so bad whenever I use that name since I would think that Uncle Sam will somehow give the amulet to his nephew.

I did not find any actress that fit the image of Destiel’s daughter in my headcanon. But I name her Mary Elizabeth ( Ellen ) Winchester the Second or my little sister said she like her name be Abigail Marry Ellen WInchester. Abigail mean father’s joy.

You guys know the reason behind Mary Winchester the Second because I think everyone in the fandom use that name for their daughter really

However, I can imagine another boy being Destiel’s youngest son. And he is no other than : Logan Lerman.

Adam James Samuel Winchester ( still think if I need to add Jr. )

* senior prom? *

* I can totally see Dean and Cas be like ” go on Adam, go on. Talk to her ” at the background*

Yes, I still mad that they forgot Adam and I want Jake Abel to be on the show so bad. The main reason I came up with Lorgan is because I was watching Sea of Monsters and I just : oh shit he look like a Winchester to me. And I came up with the name ” Adam ” because of Jake Abel.

And James is dedicated for Jimmy Novark , who I think Cas owes his life and family. I think Cas will sure name his son after him.

And Samuel is for Sam of course.




* Real name : Asa Butterfield*

I love this fandom

* I have to stay at Uncle Mycroft’s tonight dads ???? But daddddd I want to see the crime scene *

Well. I think everyone in the fandom agree on this name even when John hates it .

I particular like this photo because all I can see when I look at it is : ” Dads, when will you pick me up? I rather be with Uncle Mycroft than be here with these guys who don’t even know 50 types of ashes. “

And if you go on Google ans search for Hamish Watson Holmes, Google will suggest you with Asa Butterfield . I didn’t lie, go find it out yourself xD

And I swear, Asa Butterfield is the cutest thing since puppies. Follow his instagram and you will drown in cuteness. Trust me.

And I did come up with another son of them, an older one, just lately so I didnot have so many thing about him really.

William Watson Holmes Jr.

I just put the ” Junior” part after season 3 ep 3. I like fancy names, I love the name William. And bam, look what Season 3 brought me.

Since Sherlock goes by his middle name and Hamish is named after John’s middle name, I think it’s fair for me to keep him as William Holmes Jr.


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