Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] TFBoys will be the dead of me

ALL PHOTOS ARE FROM WEIBO . AND CREDIT TO TFEnt  and owners of photos 

If you kinda follow me on tumblr , you may or may not realise I am reblogging kinda some photos of a Chinese boy group called ” TFBoys

They will be the dead of me

Like really


I found out about them about a week ago , thanks to Facebook. My whole Facebook timeline was going nuts about those little cutie Chinese boys and their short movie and TF-Go , their TV show .

And somehow, I decided ti watched them and I suddenly ship these two little baby . Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai. Or many of my friends , and myself, prefer them as KaiYuan . We ship them , but not like the ” Destiel kind of ship or aka OMG KISS NOW MAKE OUT NOW ANGST NOW kind of ship ” but ship as ” OMG I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP AND AFFECT TO EACH OTHER YOU ARE MY CUTE LIL BABIES kind of ship ”

Since their name can be translate into Vietnames, my language , so I just call them Kai and Yuan ( as in my language as Khải and Nguyên ) , and never prefer them to their English name, Karry and Roy. These two babe up there have turned my life up side down because it has been a really , really, really , really long time since I fell in love with any boy band or groups or anything relate to Asia. Not that I hate Asia or anything, how the fuck I can hate my own continent, my home heh ? Just that I lost interest in the Asian entertainment. And those boys brought me back.


So TFBoys has 3 members .

 Wang Jukai or Karry Wang. He is 15. 15 people, 15 !!!!! A year younger than me . He was born in 1999 so don’t be misunderstand xD

Wang Yuan or Roy Wang. He was born in 2000 . So he is 14 . I prefer him as my lil baby xD

And last but not least ,  Yi Yang QianXi or Jackson Yi. He is also 14 and born in 2000 ( and in my language, his name is Dương Dịch Thiên Tỳ or Tỷ )

They already have lots of fans that support them from Asia . Like my whole freaking Facebook friend list are posting about them day and night . I really really like them tho.

They are just kids , 14 and 15 years old, so their songs are all very cute and sweet. However, they have lots of sweet R&B cover that you can find on Youtube . They are not that famous yet , they just debuted in Summer 2013 , so they are fresh and new. And they are usually younger than their fans, us ” auntie and uncle ” who are currently 16, 17 , 20 ish xD They won 3 awards in YinYueTai Award 2 weeks ago . I kinda proud of them .>xD

What my friend said was ” They make me want to be mother-hen “

And as far as I know, they were trained since they were little, and they followed the training rules just like Kpop groups . So they must had a long , hurtful, tearful and succesful trained years.

Anyway, as I said, they will be the dead of me . Now, let enjoy some more of my friends collection that I shamelessly got from their Facebook fanpage … credit belongs tO TFEnt weibo AND OWNERS OF FANTAKEN PHOTOS ❤


Toodoo ❤

Until next times guys ~


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