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[ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] OTP Quiz 2 <3

I’m either really fucking bored or just really into my ships because yeah, I’m doing another freaking one. OTP QUIZ:

I still get into lots of ships …. I just want to make sure there are a lot of ships I still like but not ” into” at the moment.

Five ships you’re into right now:

1. Destiel

2.  Hiitachi Twins ( OHSHC  anime/manga/live action )


3. Hannigram

4. Tamakyo

* why the fuck I have 2 OHSHC ships here ? okay, only the live action version. because they don’t have that much skinship in the anime or manga. THEY ONLY HAVE LIKE 2 SCENES WITH TOUCHY AND SHIT *

5.  LuciSam

Three ships you liked, but don’t anymore:

6. Sabriel

7. USUK * idk…. *

8.  Harmione

Three ships you never liked:

9. Dramonie

10.  Tamaki and Haruhi. * please don’t shot me *

11. HarGin akak Harry and Ginny aka the canon pairing

Two ships you’re curious about but don’t actually ship:

12 . Larry Tomlinson

13. Sterek


Why do you dislike 11 so much?



Who is someone you know that ships 4?

 My sister , Emma. We ship them pretty hard xD

What would be your ideal scenario for couple 3?

Well, let’s see…. Hannibal invites Will for a /human/ meal . They eat in the candles light with Mozart playing in the background in Hannibal’s royal blue dinning room. Hannibal smiles at Will and say : ” You are very beautiful , my William “

* I think I am going to die *


Which is your favourite moment for couple 1?


Rumor said that Jensen changed the ” I need you” from ” I love you ” because he doesn’t feel like Dean will say something like that. * aka we almost have Destiel’s canon *

How long have you been following couple 5?

Well… You know …

What’s the story with 8? What made you stop liking them/caring?

I grew up. When I was small, I read the series when I was 6 and I always thought Harry will end up with Hermione or Cho Chang.

You have the power to make one ship nonexistent. Choose from 10 or 12.

Tamaki and Haruhi. Definetly . 

Which ship do you prefer, 2 or 4?

Welll… Since both of them are from OHSHC… I have to say Tamakyo…. I want to see the skin ship …

What interests you about 13?

I see it EVERYWHERE on my tumblr dash. Heck, I think it’s canon somehow.

Why did you stop liking 7?

Life happened . I don’t have that much interest in USUK anymore . I still like them tho. But I still prefer England and Scotland ( aka the Britishcest )

Did your waning interest in 9 kill your interest in the fandom?


What’s a song that reminds you of 5?


If you could have any of these pairings double date, who would it be?

Can I have all my top 5 ? I love them so much . I want them to all be canon.

Have 2 kissed yet?

Nearly .


Did 4 have a happy ending? If the show/movie hasn’t ended yet, do you think they will?

* sobs uncontrollably * No, they don’t have a happy ending. However, I always imagine that after finish high school ,  Tamki will become the Souh’s heir and start a new kind of agency where everyone who need a shoulder to cry on or a person to talk to or just simply to feel loved, like the host club . Kyoya will become a very talented doctor and his father finally realise his talent. They will live together in a mansion in the countryside of England and they adopt 2 children, a boy with violet eyes and dark brown hair , Andrew Akihiro Ootori Souh and   a little girl with shiny blonde hair and grey eyes , Aphrodite Hanami Souh Ootori xD

What would make you start shipping 13?

I need to start to watch Teen Wolf I guess.

If only one could happen, which would you prefer, 2 or 5?

Erh…. Both of them already happened.  Look at the massive amounts of gif I found for Hitachiin twins !  And frick , EVEN LUCI WANTS TO BE ” INSIDE ” SAMMY !

You have the power to decide the fate of 10. What happens to them?

Well. I don’t hate Haruhi. I just don’t want her to poke a bigger hole in my already sunk ship. I just want Tamki to breaks up with her and go back to Kyoya. But they are still friends and Haruhi finally find someone else for herself.

Which of these ships do you love the most?


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