Misha Collins – Supernatural Facebook page Q&A March 25th 2014


I have removed all names – Questions are just shown as Q.
  • Misha Collins How does this work?
  • Misha Collins thanks. This helps.
  • Q. Whats your favorite episode Misha???
  • Misha Collins the french mistake.
  • Q. whants to know what happened with the old trench coat lol
  • Misha Collins It’s in the smithsonian
  • Q.who gives better hugs jensen or jared lol
  • Misha Collins Jensen. Jared’s too bony.
  • Q. Hi!!! My question is how much would I have to pay for you to come to my 13 birthday party?!?! I will find a way to get it (please not to unrealistic I’m only 12) I would do anything!!!! Please reply you are amazing and my idol I want to meet you for my birthday!! My dad didn’t have enough to take me to the Vegascon or the chicon:( so I want to meet you for my birthday! I love you!!! 💕💞💞💕
  • Misha…

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