Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] Inspirational

Listen to : Valentine Music ~

Drinking : Water with ice cubes XD

Eating ; Walnut ._.

Reading : Erh …. Red Dragon by Thomas Harries



Hi everyone, it’s me , again . First, I just borrowed Red Dragon today !!!!



Move on

Well, so this year is another year of no – valentine hang out to me . Yup. Still young and single :v

However. Yeah. The title is ” Inspirational ” . It should be inspirasonal somehow, yes ?

So yeah..,…

In Social a couple of days ago we had to wrote this personal essay about ourselves , Like who I was, who I am and who I want to be .

So there was this guy who started his essay with something really similar to this * i am sorry , my memory is a freaking mess * :

I want to live . Really living . If you are breathing, eating., drinking, that’s not living, that’s surviving . I want to live . It’s not matter what my job is . I can be a professor , an engineer  or even scavenger . It’s not matter who I am going to be . It’s about who I am and what I want to do. That’s how I want to live my life .

So  shout out to that particular guy who also sat next to me in lab yesterday * yay *

Thank you for giving me a real motivation . I know you have a tumblr .

I think everyone need to read this honestly .

So shout out to anyone who is lost and lack of inspiration too !


And heck ….

So yeah…

Too many ice water makes my brain freeze….

So yeah…



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