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Listen to : Valentine Music ~ Drinking : Water with ice cubes XD Eating ; Walnut ._. Reading : Erh .... Red Dragon by Thomas Harries   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hi everyone, it's me , again . First, I just borrowed Red Dragon today !!!! Yayyy ._. Move on Well, so this year is another year of… Continue reading [ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] Inspirational


[ SPN ] Little Wonders

 Author : Day DreamerIt's -21 degree Celcius where I live and there are snow outsideSo well, WELCOME TO CANADA you ***********'xDInspiration : Little Wonders - Rob Thomas   __________________________ Little Wonders ________________________ Hôm nay là một ngày nắng. Trời xanh trong, cao vời vợi và gió đông nhẹ nhàng mơn man trên mặt cỏ đẫm sương sớm… Continue reading [ SPN ] Little Wonders