Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] Update and Stupid Talking

HELLO PEEPS ❤ So, update first .

If you read my blog from the start of everything, you may know that Lynn, my beloved best friend and my co- runner of this blog, already left for America . Yep. And I’m leaving soon for Canada so technically, we don’t have that much time talking to each other , just some random talk on Facebook an then cut , that’s it .

And as you may know, yes, I still having my writer’s block so of course, I won’t update any fanfiction of any pairing soon 🙂 ., well, maybe some Destiel in hopeless trying to cure myself .

Well, it’s a notice, update, I don’t know, that this blog may freeze for another time without anything interesting but my diary xD But if you may fin my blog interesting, well, I will update it twice or three times a week , consider on my mood and if anything interesting happen to me 😀

So , now , to my diary ❤

Music : Endlessly – The Cab

What am I watching lately ?  danisonfire  And I am not regretting it xD

What am I listening ? Welcome to Nightvale

My favorite quote of the week : ” Don’t criticize someone’s OTP. If they kill you it’s your fault . ” – Dan Howell . Yep .


I finished almost all of my subjects on finals and they are  Biology, Civic Education, Home Economic , Physic , Maths , Literature , History and Geography . 8 down, 2 to go and they are English and Chemistry .  So yep, I AM SUPER DUPY HAPPY !! LIKE I AM FINALLY GET THE FUCK OUT OF SCHOOL , BABY !!!!! And yes, I will be literally look like Dean by the end of English’s exam next Monday .


And I am finding some songs for my Destiel’s playlist and come to this beautiful playlist of wedding music and I am so loving it. So , I’m in the middle of something like this , like right now :

And I was just scrolling through my tumblr dash when this came up a couple of moths ago …

Regconize him ? No ?  Benjamin Barnes ladies and gentlemen . The lovechild of Destiel a.k.a Prince Caspier dun dun dunnnn

Now look at him in the eyes and told me he didn’t look like Destiel’s baby . I can totally write a second-gen fic with him as Henry Winchester The Second .

Henry Bobby John Gabriel Winchester The Second ladies and gentlemen !!!!

Okay, I’m having a hard time ….

Because I’m hardly take my mind of this mother facka’s gif set


Destiel AU: Castiel is a secret agent of Russian intelligence, Dean is from the CIA. They’re playing this game a long time.

They eventually bond during interrogations, somehow Castiel manipulates Dean and they run away together…

I was trolling on my bed and almost dropped my phone in my fangirl’s squeel . I need this as a thing just about as much as SuperWhoLock Movie .


Enough of my rambling. Goodnight/moring/evening to everyone of you who even borther enough to read this . Thank you ❤



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