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[ Day Dreamer’s Diary ] How did I become a Supernatural Fan .


This is for Night Dreamer , I mean, she keeps asking me how can I become a Supernatural fan, because about just a few months ago, I told her I super hate sci-fi films just because the scripts are all the same and everything is so freaking boring , there will always be a girl and a boy fighting monsters together and they fall in love, the end . No offensive people .

But then, one fine spring day , I created my tumblr . Actually, I created it in May , 2013 ,but I never use it, it’s only for doujinshi and a source to collect fanarts . But then, one day, I was home alone, I woke up late and it was weekend , I had nothing to do so I went up to tumblr .

That may be the best decision I ever made or my one way ticket to throw my life away, because on y dash, the first thing I saw was ” SUPER NATURAL IS COMING BACK

And I was like : ” What ? What is thing about ?” Don’t get me wrong, this happened way too early before I actually watched the first episode . I simply just let it go .  A few days later , my dash started to get more and more posts about Supernatural . And I was like : ” Wow , really ? ” And let it go, again .

So, you know , SPN has gif for every fucking thing, right ? So, I came across a posts and it had a gif of Dean and Sam , don’t really remember which one though . An I was like : ” Attractive guys , NEXT ” Silly me I know , silly me.

Around August or September , I started to got addicted to tumblr . I started to realise that gif with those two ” attractive guys ” and a ” really really familiar guy with oversize trench coat ” were every where on tumblr . I got to knew what SuperWhoLock is and that’s time when I started to watch Sherlock .

But thing just really got to climax was on October . It was my birthday’s month so I got a lot of free time , it was the last month before my life gone wild because of Finals too , like now, so I got on tumblr a lot and watched a lot of TV . So, one day, I realise that everyone on my dash gone wild because of the come back of Supernatural .  The fandom really surprise me about their size and stuffs . So , well, I got on wiki and read about them a little , then, I made the worst mistake of my life : I let it go because it’s sci-fi .

I know , I know, don’t kill me , the story is almost hit the climax of its . Around somewhere near my birthday, I got on Youtube and I got to the SPN’s side of it . First thing I fell for in SPN ? DESTIEL and CSI: Miami Style .

That’s this two vids : CSI Miami Style in ” Changing Channel ” and Destiel – Angel with a Shotgun .

I really really really love CSI so I fell in love with that crossover immediately and for the Destiel’s vid , I just love the music so bad . It was so catchy !!!

Then, on my birthday, I stayed up late to opened all of my gift and watched CSI marathon when AXN came up with the adverts for Supernatural season 7 .

And I was like : ” Wow , wow , wowwwwwww ”

It catched my attention just then because I saw those gif and photos too many times on tumblr , I just wanted to know how good this show is to catch too many attention . I knew who the Winchester’s boys are and who Castiel is , so, I just watched it .

So that night, me and my sister watched the first episode of it . I was fangirl so bad over baby!Sam . And I was nearly crying when John told Dean to held Sam and ran as fast as he can to got out of the house . And when 22 years later came up with Jensen Ackles ‘s first appearance as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam  I was like : ” AHHH ~ They grew up to be such attractive boys ~” And when Jessica died , kill me but I got too excited because of the way she died , that’s the reason I told my baby sister : ” Babe , really, I’m going to ruin my life for this show . It’s such a piece of art ”


I watched the first two season in one week an a half . Stayed up late until 1am . Yep . Days by days, I started to fell in love with Dean and I was so so so in love with his characteristic . And then, yep, Cas showed up and I nailed it . Destiel all the way people .

I love how the series concentrate on family’s love and brotherly love . The importance of your family and friendships with witches and vampires * not sparkling one * ? Hell , I love it !

Yeah. Technically, that’s how I threw my life away. Now, I must get back to Biology and Home Economic . Finals people, Finals .




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