Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Day Dreamer’s Diary] Stupid talking

Hello peeps , long time no see . Just wanna update that I am not dead yet XD

Well, I don’t know how many of you add me on tumblr because I recently have a bunch of people follow me and I have no idea where are they come from so, if anyone of you add you and accidentally read this , please drop in a inbox a message . Thank you .

Anyway, well, final coming in a week and then my last week at school. Nah, it’s not winter break, I’m leaving school for real. Leave Vietnam and move to Canada . Yeah. It’s kinda scary sometimes but not really actually . I’m excited but afraid as well . I keep think of what I can I do in an environment that will help me to express myself and do anything that myself can . Things like that . 

So, I guess I will keep writing blogs and making cosplay vids . And maybe trying to act as well . I don’t know xD


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