[Supernatural] Coming Home

Author : me again xD

Fandom : Supernatural. 

Well… who follow me on tumblr will probably know that I’m in love with this show xD


Well…. As today episode depressed me, a lot. I decided to write something fun with Kevin-center . I don’t know, I still in my writer block and have nothing to do… except for Geography quiz tomorrow…

So yeah…. 

_________________ KevinLives _________________

There is time when Kevin doesn’t know what he is going to do with his life. At the age of 20, Kevin Tran doesn’t even get his high school degrees or achieve his goal to gets into Princeton and don’t even mention becoming The Unite State‘s first Asian President. It’s bored sometimes, not because the life in the Bat cave is boring or anything well, let’s all considers it as a pre-adult chick flick moment or past-teenaged chemistry, but, a life in a bunker separate miles away from the society with King of Hell in our basement is kind of bored sometimes.

Times like this, they remind Kevin about times when Sam and Dean have some free time at the bunker between the salt-and-burn businesses. Usually, they will gather up around the living room, watching Dr.Sexy, having Dean’s infamous burger as snack or popcorn from microwave and Sam will dig his nose in an old book from The Man Of Letters‘s gigantic library. From times to times, Dean will be kind enough to get him some” real” Chinese food from a small Chinese restaurant a couple of miles away from their home. And there will be times Sam joins him on trip to the convenient stores or sometimes, supermarket, to re fill their fridge and supplies. Sam will drive of course, Dean is still not trust his Baby’s life into his hands yet. He said something about the Impala is such a sensitive girl and when time comes, he will get his chance to get behind her steering wheel. Kevin doesn’t mind that, he does knows how precious the Impala is to both brothers.

In those free days at home, in the evening, they will always cook their own dinner. Together in the small kitchen, making rabbit food for Sam, greasy dishes for Dean and simple Asian dishes for him. Together, chatting, laughing and “girly conversations” in the older Winchester’s opinion.  And when night falls, they might have a little tea party with hot British tea in their cup and sometimes, apple pie for Dean from Jody Mills. Those precious pieces of pies always make the older Winchester smiles. And Kevin likes it. He likes how they all smile without worried about a war with dicks without wings outside the door of the bunker.

He remember once he accidentally serve Earl Grey tea with mint biscuits and the next thing he knew was Crowley’s voice straight from the basement , yelling :

–        Earl Grey goes with sour cherry pie you bloody moron!!!!

.  Dean’s expression was priceless with Sam choked on his water and laughed his ass off with a certain immortal British yelling at Kevin about how he is destroying the British Tea and Tea Culture itself. Having a British demons’ king in your basement is kind of fun, honestly those small things make he happy. He feels like he is together in once piece again. It feels like home, like family, like love. It warms his heart and makes his lips curve to create a perfect smile.

The Winchesters not always available at home as expected. But at time when he is home alone, Kevin never feels too lonely. He has his research to does and skills as Kevin Solo to profession and his Katniss’s skills is improving days by days by practicing with a set of toy arrows and bows give to him by a certain fallen angel on his 20th birthday, delivered by mails from Idaho.

Times like now, with heavy rain falling outside and hitting the glass surface of the windows, Kevin finally found peace. He may not finish high school or gets accept into Princeton or become the United State first Asian President, but he doesn’t really care. As long as everyone he loves, his family, his brothers are safe from all dangers, he doesn’t really care that he is not that honor student of 2 years ago. String his coffee in his blue cups; Kevin starts to find a book from Sam’s massive bookcases to fit a rainy day like this. After a few minutes, he finally finds one. Put his cup on the table; try to find a comfortable position on the massive red armchair, Kevin opens the cover of the novel. But even before he has his chance to read the first letters of the story, creaking sounds of the bunker’s main door caught his attention and at the very next moment, a wild, soaking wet and smiling Sam Winchester appears.

–        Hello Kevin!

–        Hello Sam. Do not let the water trail on the floor!!! Dry yourself!

Kevin yells as Dean steps in and leaving long small steam of rain water behind him and on the pricy wooden floor. He throws a big white towel at the older Winchester as Sam makes his way to the bathroom; completely forget about an opened novel with the start of it as: 22 years ago, Lawrence, Kansas… 


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