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[ Shuffle Music ] Photos- Music Spam

I did this on my Hetalia page on Facebook yesterday so I think it would be nice if I can do it here xD  I swear that I didn’t cheat :3 – Day Dreamer- 1173871_663548866988920_754376946_n

  1. Hold My Hands – MJ feat AKon Untitled-horz
  2. Minnah – Super Junior 120528musikSUJU001_0ba7d For who don’t know, this song English name is Beauty. It;s about a boy that love his girl so much and he always see her as his only beauty…
  3. It Goes Around the World – ATC Axis.Powers-.Hetalia.full.311864
    . This is MY WORLD
  4. Marukaite Chikyuu – Austria’s version 73365_585359101483157_179271649_n I know this is Prussia cosplays as Austria :v But they are my OTP XD And we also have a little Austria stands there , who is super annoyed now by what Prussia doing.
  5. If I didn’t have you – Quest for Camelot’s soundtrack 999699_637675249584875_1824479863_n I listened to this song when I was little but never realize it until I watched VandettA Cosplay’s If I didn’t have you CMV :V They made me to rush any annoy my dad by my nonstop yelling ” DADDY !!! GET ME QUEST FOR CAMELOTTTTTT ‘S DVD !!!!” And he never buys me that T.T .
  6. If I die young – The Band Perry Prussia.full.1470735 Well, why I choose Prussia ? Well, we all know Kingdom of Prussia is well,  disappear after World War 2, just like Granpa Rome, Prussia will fade away and gone. But I never , ever , accept that headcanon. Prussia is now living in Germany’s basement !!!! That’s it xD And Granpa Rome and Granpa Germania probably is now somewhere , living in a nice small cottage near the forest ❤ * writing her won fairy tale * .

  7. Sunflowers – Super Junior 528328_594553170563750_846515645_n
    I choose 2 different photos for this song, because Russia is the first one I think of when I listen to the few first sounds of this song. It’s about a boy that admire his girl like a sunflower to the Sun. And my boys, this is what I will do, have done and doing. I love you people so much.  .
  8. Tsuna Awakens – Reborn’s soundtrack
    This is probably one of the best battle music I ever listen to in my life *v* 
  9. Let’s Enjoy Today – APH England’s character’s song
  10. iNSaNiTy – Miki and Kaito

    So, that’s it XDDD Until next time everyone ❤


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