[ FanFic ][ APH][ English] Hugs

Author : Day Dreamer


Pairing : No pairing, a fanfiction just from Vietnam’s point of views.

Note : Today is Holding Hands Day but I don’t have any inspiration with holding hands T.T Sorry.

Inspiration :

Hugs are strange but beautiful things. Really, you just get close and touch because you care and want to show it. You just want to feel.

– VandettA Cosplay Cim –



They like to hug each other.

I mean really, after every world meetings, you can easily spot some nations just simply come and hug each others and give other a pat on their shoulders, their back.

No anger, no economics problems, no wars, no nothing, just peaceful feeling when someone hold you close and give you a big tight hug.

Thailand likes to hug me, his hug is warm and cozy. I can smell the sense of his country’s coconuts and golden shower trees. He always hug me so tight that sometimes it hard to breath.

Korea is such a lovely boy. His hug is always the tightest and he loves to swaying while hugging others. His body is usually cold due to his country’s weather but I’m sure he has one of the warmest heart.

I love how Japan will hold me close to his torso and that I can listen to his heartbeats. His hug is always long and warm . I love how  his hair smells of sakura and green tea. It makes me feel so peaceful.

China hugs is really gentle. He will just hold you close and gives you a light pat on your back, then shakes your hands. I’m sure I can smell some dumplings from his clothing .

Taiwan’s hug is always a group hug ! With HongKong and Macau involve in it ! I’m the person that always get catch in the middle but I really love it, because it makes me realize how tall Macau is , that HongKong is so warm and Taiwan’s hugs are so tight.

America is such a naughty young gentlemen ! I will never forgive for what his bosses had done to my country and citizens but I know , it’s just simple his ambition. But when he hugs me , when I bury my face between his torso, I can feel his fast heartbeats of the powerful and young nation, I know, he is something this world cannot miss.

France, urh, that old man. His hug sometimes isn’t just a simple hug. He will somehow get his hand on my lower back and does some embarrassing touching there until I hit him with my paddle. But his hug is so peaceful with the beautiful sense of fresh roses and his fragrance  .

I love England’s hug the best. Because it feels like a gentle Mother’s hug. With his clothes full of the sense of old books , the sense of wisdom and history, and the sweetness of Earl Grey , England’s hug is something that I would love to have everyday.

Canada’s hug is delicious !!! I can smell pancakes and maple syrups everywhere on his body. Even his polar bear smells the same ! His hugs are so mild and lovable. How can you ignore such a lovely nation like him ?

I really enjoy Italy’s hug. His hug is so lovely , with his bright smile on his face, and his cute voice, I will probably invite him to have a trip to my country someday.  Oh, and he always brings his pasta to the meetings and offers everyone with his delicious dishes, even when Germany is yelling that we cannot eat while still in the meeting !

Well, and Germany. His hug is so gentle that I think he’s just too shy to hugs others girls . But he likes to kiss on my cheeks.  I mean, he prefers kissing on the cheeks more than hugging. Probably it’s because of his culture. But his blushing face after gives someone a kiss worth a fortune to take a photo of.

Prussia ‘s hug, well, I guess it’s full of awesomeness .  Oh, I’m sure he always so a lots of training because sometimes I was blushing after feeling his muscular body under those layers of clothing . And his sparkle ruby red eyes, they’re always shining like a little kid when someone offer them candies !

Spain always like to have a group hug with me and Romano , even when it pissed the brunette boy. His hug has the sense of sunny days and tomatoes ! Of course it smells like tomatoes and decent smell of churro. Romano always tries to push Spain away from him, but I’m sure, he enjoys Spain’s hugs as much as I do.

Did I ever mention that I love how Denmark smells of his delicious biscuits ? What a great smells, of melted butter and brown sugar. It reminds me of times that France offers us his chocolate truffles during  break times of meetings.  And Denmark’s always talking too loudly about his Lego’s that Norway has to pinch his thigh just to shut him up.

Norway don’t usually hug others, but when if he did. His hug will bring you to heaven. With his gentle touch and pat on the shoulder, they make me feel so happy !

Well, Iceland.He ‘s hopeless when it comes to hugging. His face will become a shade of sunny red and then he will slowly pull you close, hug you and runaway. He’s just a shy boy.

Ahhh . I love Finland’s hug. It always get tighter because Sweden will definitely give you an indirect hug with his arms around Finland. And then their little child, Sealand, will interrupt the hug and try to tell me to admit him as a nation . Such a cute family.

The Baltic Brothers ! Their hugs are tights ! But yet so cozy and lovely. And Estonia always the one that gets catch in the middle and he always complains that we make him suffers to breath .

Russia’s hug is so great but yet so scary because Belarus’s eyes always fixed on me when I  hold him close and trying to tiptoed and pat his back. His hug is so big and yet so mild.

Talking about Belarus, her hugs are rare but I’m sure they are filled with her love , with her beautiful smile that always there when she hugs you.

Ukraine, well, I kinda understand why others males nations love to hug her .

Austria’s hug. Well, I never got a proper hug with Austria, because they were always interrupt by Prussia. And I always love how the young master yelled at his troublesome fellow with pink blush appear on his cheeks.

Hungary and Seychelles !!! They’re definitely my favorite, because they make me feels so cozy and home-sick. With their brown hair brushes against my cheeks when I hug them, and their bright smiles on their lips, well , it makes Hungary is less scary when she holds a frying pans and hit Prussia.

Greece always offer he a cat of his when I finish hug him ! I’m sure he has an army of cats follow him around .

Turkey’s hugs is always make me breathless . His big warm arms hold me so close that I once afraid that he might broke my bones ! But he is such a lovely fellow nations with his loud laughing and  friendly manners.

And South,  by lovely little brother. I love how I must hold him up on my hand and then he will cling to my neck, welcome he home and kiss me on the cheeks. My lovely little brother.

Hugs are strange but beautiful things.

Really, you just get close and touch because you care and want to show it.

You just want to feel.

______ END ______


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