A peek at Uraboku’s Art Book ‘Phosphor’ plus Snippets of Chapter 41b

Okay guys, Day Dreamer is here and I AM DROWNING MYSELF IN THESE XDDDD

the Brownie Post II

Hotaru Odagiri’s illustrative art book for *Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru* titled ‘PHOSPHOR‘ was released on 22-April (last month) and I had pre-ordered it way back in Dec of 2010. I received the art book nearly 2 weeks ago but was just to busy to gab about it. But since I’m in the mood to post again, I opt to share some preview teaser scans from the art book and of course, snippets of the latest chapter that was out in Asuka June edition as well.

PHOSPHOR’s Jacket Cover

I’m aware that some Uraboku fans had shared their own art book scans in the Uraboku LJ Community. Well, I just want to state that what I’m sharing here on tBPII and Aozora Dreams (my LJ site) are my own preview picks from ‘Phosphor’ and yes, they are my own scans…not some other people’s. Because it…

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