Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Challenge + Diary ] Ask me

So hi everyone ❤ This is Day Dreamer again ^^

Yesterday, Night Dreamer send me this photo and she challenged me to do this on our blog .

Well, so here it ‘s xD

  1. So okay, my name is Krystal, or it’s used to be Krystal Angelina. Of course this is not my real one :v
  2. I’m 15 .
  3. October 20th. Yep, beautiful day isn’t it 🙂
  4. My favorite anime and manga now is :
  •     Kuroshitsuji ^.^.
  • Hetalia Axis Power.
  • UraBoku or Betrayal Knows My Name xDDD

  • Kateyoshi Hitman Reborn
  • Free or Iwatobi Swimming Club *v*

That’s it for now :3
5.  Favorite gerne of music : Kpop xDDDDDDDDDD

6. I scared of height, dark , shadows, ghost , serial killers and a lot more .__. My soulmates said that I ‘m afraid of EVERYTHING XD

7.  My matcha latte xD

8. I like to read and write fanfictions, edit photos, making AMVs and cosplay video, listen to music and play games :3

9. I don’t own a whole series but I got some of them xD

  • Detective Conan
  • Hetalia Axis Power


Kuroshitsuji vol 1 
10 . Me ,Night Dreamer and Blueberry Pie are all attend the same school : Vietnam Australia International School. Erh, yep, we attend private school :3

But Night Dreamer will move to the US in August  and I’m going to move to Canada this December or January next year 😦 

11 . I’m half Chinese , half Vietnamese but I was born in Vietnam and proud to be a Vietnam’s citizen.

12. I like things to be organize but I’m not an organize kind of person .___.

13. I got a little sister that 5 years younger than me, Blueberry Pie and I don’t own a pet , sadly 😦



14 . Anime crush =))) Behold people, here comes my crushes xD

  • AP England
  • APH America
  • APH Sweden


  • APH Scotland
  • UraBoku Shusei *v* * faint *
  • Uraboku Tsukomo
  • Uraboku Hotsuma 
  • Okay, I’m having a BIG crush on Uraboku’s boys xDD , Here’s Luka ❤ 
  • Kuroshitsuji Ciel ❤
  • Kuroshitsuji Sebas-chan xD
    15. Crepes xD

16. First anime watched…. Uhm…. Kuroshitsuji I believe xD

17.  I’m a Libra 🙂

18. No, I do not smoke. Smoking is bad ><

19. Favorite color :

  • Sapphire Blue
  • Prussian Blue or Midnight Blue
  • Peridot

  • Black and White 

    20. I’m a female :3


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