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[ Diary] Fandom – Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler

Photos using in this post are not mine.


So, today, I will introduce you to one of my many fandoms – Kuroshitsuji or Black Butler ^.^

If you’re one of the people who knew me for my previous blogger , you may know that I’m in love with this manga/anime series already. Anyway, so, here’s my fandom xDDD.




Your favorite character ?

I like every single character, but my most favorite is still Ciel :3

I really really really admire his characteristic . He is just a little 12 years old boy so he’s suppose to be always happy , be carefree and enjoy his childhood. But no, Ciel is a strong character, he’s the head of a powerful family in the Victoria’s Era and the Queen’s Guard Dog. I love how Yana Tobso – sama portrayed him to be strong and loyal but yet small and vulnerable. 

He’s only a kid. He still need the comfort that only parents can give. He has his own fear and hurt , he got things that a 12 year-old boy shouldn’t worry about.  He’s strong , yes, he’s slapping but yet he’s still a kid. Whenever he admits it or not, he’s still a little boy . A little boy that need someone to protect him, to take care of him and yet to comfort him and guide him in his life. He is the one who robbed but also the one who got rob.  

He took away some others’s happiness and some other took his happiness away.



How did I know about this fandom ?

I don’t really remember, really, but I think that it’s around when I was in Singapore and someone or somebody or somehow I figure out about the manga and I started to read it. Days by days , I read every chapters that already came out at that time and started to watch the anime and fell in love with it ❤ 




I don’t really enjoy shota yaoi* if you know what I mean * but SebasCiel is a great pair and also AloisCiel. 


Sebastian , oh gawh, my little sister * which is 10 * , she’s having a crush on Sebastian and EVERYONE named Sebastian including the lobster in Little Mermaid XD

Back to the topic , why I like SebasCiel ? 

Oh well,  Sebastian is an awesome character . He’s mysterious , dark and gibberish but there’s something in him that tell us that he has some feeling for his little meal  . He protects Ciel, takes care of him, guides him , comfort him and serve his little tsundere master well . Even though Ciel is a great bastard when it came to Sebastian XD

There’s something about the way Sebastian treats Ciel that I , myself, cannot see at Prince Soma and Agni , even through Agni and Sebastian have the same position. They’re the butler of 2 childish master . There’s some thing that warm , something loved in the way Sebastian looks at Ciel, something that I cannot figure out but I know there’s something like love, something that a demon shouldn’t have in Sebastian. 


I don’t think there’s many people like this pair but I do. I like their relationship, if they had one =’= 

But I just feel so touching when I realize that they are the same, they are not so different from each other. They are two poor little boys who are seeking for their own revenge, their own  life that had been taken away from them. Somehow, they have the same heart beats.

Your favorite scene(s) from the anime ? 

Something dropped when I read this. I remembered the chilling feels when I saw this appeared on my laptop’s screen, something just broke and a pool of feels hit me and I just sit there , starring at my laptop, tears falling down my cheeks , sobbing and crying until this scene came up. 

And I realize that he will have a better life , in a better world, where no one can hurt him anymore, where Sebastian can live happily with him forever, somewhere that he will be a little master , a little bastard of Sebastian. Something dropped and I continued to cried, I just don’t know but something just hit me right in the spot and I just couldn’t stop crying. Even though I knew he will be okay, he will be loved and take care of. At somewhere that all was well. 


Your favorite soundtracks of the movie ?

I have to say Monochrome no Kiss is always my favorite song. Need less to say why huh :3


And your favorite Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler Cosplay ?


She has the magnificient beauty and oh gawh, her cosplay just beyond the awesomeness. 


She is that wonderful person who guide me to the Hetalia fandom . Her accent is really really awesome and her CMVs, yep, I fell in love with her Ciel ❤ So badass and xDDD

So, that’s the end of part 2 . See ya again in my next fandoms’s  introduce ❤


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