Day Dreamer's Diary

[ Diary ] Day Dreamer’s Diary – Canada

Yep. I have nothing to do and design to do this. A fruking Diary .

Many of you out there maybe know me by my old blog :

I just want to say thank you 🙂 


Oh, main topic for this post.

As some of my fellow friends know that I will move to Canada next year for school. Yep, I’m, going to study abroad next year in Canada. And what do I know about Canada ?









.____. That’s mean I’m hopeless. I will be in a new environment, have to make new friends, attend a new high school and survive in a freaking cold weather.  

I will attend Lord Beaverbrook High School, in Calgary, AB,Canada .__. 

Just please, but if anyone of you come from Canada or Calgary, please T.T Tell me something about it.

I’m so freaking scare T.T Hopeless too. Please, I won’t bite so please, if you know anything about my will be high school and city 😦 Tell me , okay ? 

Thanks ~~ 


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