[ Hetalia][ Scotland x Britannia] Phantoms in the House – Chapter 1

Author : Day Dreamer

Rating : PG
Fandom : Axis Power Hetalia
Pairing : Scotland x Britannia AND ChibiEngland
Summary : Dad, there’s a ghost in my room.

Note : English is not my first language so if I make any mistakes, please point them out for me. Thanks a lot.

This is a fanfiction , made by fans and for fans . It’s not relate to ANY countries.

This fanfiction contains lots of personal headcanon xD

And yes ! This is a multi – chapters fanfiction. So pray that I can finish it xD

And please, don’t ask me why they have children xD I don’t know either xD Also, this is my first time writing a fanfiction in English T.T

Leave your comments below there please. I really appreciate that ^^ Thanks 





Chapter 1 : Daddy, friend at school bullied me.

Andrew is driving on his red Bentley in a really bad mood. It’s about 3 in the afternoon and London’s street is already stuck with traffic jams. His work at the office has not finish yet, and the General Assembly of the company is complaining non stop about his new project. Why don’t they recognize that his plan is brilliant ??? They can make a massive numbers of pounds out of it ! But it’s not what make the red haired guy angry, not really. It’s his little son, who was calling him, crying until choking. Arthur is his 3 years old son, who looks exactly like his wife with blond punk style hair and emerald green eyes , but more childish with those pink cheeks.

He was sobbing about fellow French friend of his, making fun of his eyebrows . Such a spoiled kid ! What happened with this country ‘s education system ? He didn’t pay his taxes for his child to be made fun of ! The Scottish man believe that French kid named Francis or Frances, and today, that little brat will pay for made fun of his precious Artie’s eyebrows.

After about half an hour, the red haired guy finally got out of that bloody traffic jam and the red Bentley stops at the entrance of Arthur’s school, World Kindergarten. He takes a few deep breath, clams his mind and wipes away this thinking of killing that little Francis, Andrew steps put of the car and walks down the entrance of the school. This is a really nice school actually, his fellow neighbors, Mathias and Lukas, a Danish – Norwegian couple that live in a really nice house and a gigantic garden of Lily of the Valley and red clover, suggest this school for him since their little 4 years old son, Emil also attends it.

Andrew is yet feeling annoy when hearing so much noises from the school’s playground , where about 20 or more little kids are playing with swings and slides. And he does not attempts to find a little boy with messy blond hair and big green eyes sitting alone on a swing, looking at the other kids. The Scottish man feels a little throb somewhere near his heart, and he makes his way to his little one.

– Arthur.
– Daddy !!

Andrew calls his son softly and his little boy immediately shout out loud then jumps into his open arms. Arthur is about to choke yet again from violent crying when a small gentle voice call for his dad from the behind. Artie ‘s teacher, Kiku, is looking at him with his big dark eyes and bright smile. Andrew ‘s bad mood is coming back when he follows the Japanese teacher down the school hallway to Arthur’s classroom while his son is sobbing quietly in his arms. His heart is aching from every noise Arthur made, they make him feels so useless and villainous .

– Please sit down Mr. Kirkland, and here is a tissue for you, Arthur.
– Thank.. Thank you teacher.

Arthur reached out for the tissues and then continue to cling on his father’s suit and hide his red face by the Prussian blue fabric while Andrew sits down on the chair in front of the teacher’s desk. Kiku smiles a little from the scenery and starts to use his softest voice to talk to the angry Scottish man in front of him.

– Well, Mr. Kirkland, I ‘m the one that called you earlier…
– I can figure it out myself already, Mr. Honda.
– Oh , yeah sure… I’m really sorry for the incident… Francis is a really lovely kid, he is only being… naughty sometimes…
– And he made fun of Arthur. That’s a spoiled action.

Kiku is starting to feel the dark aura that coming from the Scottish father, and he’s not feeling comfortable at all. The Bonnefoy young master was going to far this time. Kiku just got out of the classroom for about couples of minutes for a phone call and when he came back,his poor Arthur was already crying loudly while the French kid was still laughing at him. And he believe that after he took little Arthur out of the classroom, Francis was sustained a really harsh scolded by Alfred and his twin brother, Matthew.

– Indeed Mr. Kirkland. That was a really bad action of Francis, and I already told his parents about this incident. Mr and Mrs. Bonnefoy really sorry for it.
– How about that Francis boy ? Did he say his apologize to Arthur yet ? I believe that my son deserve a apologize from Francis for lower his honorary.
– Of course he did, Mr. Kirkland. And Francis also wanted me to send his apologize to you too.
– Really well. So, Mr. Honda. I just want to take Arthur home now, and let he gets some days off from school. Can you help me that?
– Indeed Mr. Kirkland. You just need to fill this form up and then Arthur and be absent for the next few days.

After about 15 minutes, the red stunning Bentley left the school’s entrance with a half asleep Kirkland boy and Kiku signs in relief. He walks back to teachers’s office while he hears a small giggle from a corner .

– That’s lucky Mr. Honda. You didn’t get a chance to meet Uncle Britt…

__________ End of Chapter 1 _________ 


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