[ Hetalia ] [ Scotlandx Britannia ][ Preview] Phantoms in the House

THE PHOTOS USING IN THIS POST ARE NOT MINE. Source unknown since I got these from my friend ‘s collection.

Author : Krystal a.k.a Day Dreamer

Rating : PG
Fandom : Axis Power Hetalia
Pairing : Scotland x Britannia AND ChibiEngland
Summary : Dad, there’s a ghost in my room.
This is A HEADCANON :3 Create by our Day Dreamers . Our headcanon is Scotland and Britannia are a couple, and yes, Brit looks exactly like England, but he is softer and easier to communicate with. He is also a tea lover and he teaches little England how to make tea. Oh yep, because in our headcanon , Britannia is not a woman. So …. xDD
Britannia : I, Day Dreamer , called him Brit, or Britt Kirkland. Brit means ” From Brittany or Britain” . He is around 25…
Scotland : He has lots of names that given by the fandom, but I would like to called him as  Andrew Kirkland. Since Scotland’s saint is St. Andrew. And he is about 28 I think…
and England : Of course, he will be Arthur Kirkland. However,  he in this fiction is is a little boy, about around 2 or 3 years old , so he will be called Art or Artie.
This may , just may , be write completely in English. 

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