Night Dreamer's arts

Night Dreamer ‘s Art

So, our ” Drinking Trio “, Emma, Lynn and me decided to stayed awake later than usual from some bloody – I – can’t- remember- reasons and then this came.

Our 2P’s. For who did’t know what 2P is, well, is is a kind of something that totally opposite our 1P, our real personality and outlook . So, enjoy it. And please tell me what do you think about it ^^

And I will leave my dA here as well because I mostly forgot to summit Night Dreamer’s artwork here.

So… This is my 2P 😀 .

Her name is Annette Tiina, a French name ith Finish family’s name xD  Annette is”  merciless “and Tiina means ” river ”


This is Lynn, or Night Dreamer herself, ‘s 2P.

Her name is Europa Hnillina. Europa is Zeus’s lover in Greek’s stories I think…  And Hnillina really don’t have a meaning . I made that up for her.


And this is Emma’s 2P.

Her name is Marea Follia. If my brain servers me right, her name means hurts and betrayal. And she is the leader of our 2P’s trio . So yeah :3


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