Characters That I Want To Wrap In Blankets and Hide From The World

I am having whole hell lot of Sebastian Stan’s feel right now so you should expect 3 of his characters. 

You know, in the fandom there are always characters that you cannot hate, you just want to hug them, give them all the candies and puppies in the world and hide them for yourself, protect them from everything. Brought you by Sebastian Stan ‘s feel , here is my list. 

.Fun fact : I never feel the need to protect Castiel. Because I know Dean will take care of him for me.




Look at this face, this baby, how can you have the heart to break that smile ? To haunt him with demons and angels and all shit in this world ?

Being forced to grew up faster than he should, Dean is a delicate one, not weak, but easily broken. To me at least.

He had to protected Sammy, took care of Sammy, and I’m pretty sure got physically abuse as a child by John Winchester.

I just want to give him a hug, buy him all the pies in this world and put him in my closet.


I want to kill anyone that dare to make him cry.



















This little piece of shit is what influence me to write this entry

Can we talk about Sebastian’s brilliant acting in this mini-series?

He was gifted with musical talent, piano to be specific.

He was full of talent and dream and everything but got stuck in th middle of the most powerful family of America

He was a First Son. 

But no one cared about him . No one support him. No nothing

It broke my heart into million of pieces . 

He turn from this 

To this 

And ended up somewhat like this

Someone give me  bubble wrap so I can ship him to puppies land. 



Crown Prince Jack Benjamin – Kings 

This little one broke my heart the most

He is the antagonist

I cannot hate him . because to me, he did nothing wrong. Yes, maybe he is cruel, but his father made him one. 

He is a soft little puppy that got so broken that he started to fought back

Let me tell you, this man is blessed with a gorgeous crying face

If he cried in front of me, I would just melted into a puddle of fangirling goo and give everything I have for him. 

Jack to me is a victim. He wanted power more than anything. But somehow, in there, he is still a victim. No more, no less. 



James ” Bucky” Barnes – Captain America 


The fact that we won’t see this smiling face for a very long time to come hurt me physically

I don’t need to say it, Sebastian said it for me.

GIFs that I am in love with – Movies edition

You guys may realise already that I have a passion for gifs and I use them a lot in my post. Hell, I am even in thre” gif ” fandom. We have a gif forever damn thing. So today, I decided to show you some gifs that broke my heart. Btw, I am listening to ” Safe and Sound ” And it say a lot when you realise how many fandom can use this song for their fanvids.

Again, they are not mine. 

Credits go to their rightful owners and I apologise before hand if I accidentally use any that are not ment to use.

I found most of them on google and tumblr

It is okay little brother… You are safe …

* What really happen in SPN : OMG look at his lips * akak * sub text everywhere *

Fun fact : My host brother, after watched this scene, he turned to me and asked ” Is it me or Cap seems a little bit gay for Bucky ? “

Let me broke your heart heh ?

I swear this will be on my wedding vows. GOSHHHHHHHHH

Is it me or Bucky ” WTF” face is so full of love ?


Look at their hands, they brush at the fingers for just a second when Bucky’s fell.Gosh.

I read somewhere on tumblr said that the look om Bucky’s face is regrets. Because this is the momment he realised his little friend Steve, who always get into trouble and need his rescue now no need his protection anymore

It hurt me physically pals.

 * pick up a rifle and shot myself in the head * GOOD BYE PALS !

Why do he has to be that adorable ? What serum did you injected yourself with ?


And the moment of silence when the whole theater gone quiet and half of the theater bursted out crying half a minute later

The moment I realise I just fell for another love story 

Oh hey ! 

I apologise, I am scrolling through the ” stucky ” and ” sebastian stan ” while writing this post”

He is so goddamn adorable 

Hah…ha… hahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

OIK… You may realise that I am in love with Stucky at the moment.

I am sorry

I just finish Winter Solider

I am having so much feels



[FanFic][Johnlock][Second Generations] Puppies

Author : DayDreamer

Pairing : Johnlock

Brief introduction for the Second Generation can find here. Please scroll down, it’s under the Destiel section

My Sherlock may be a little bit OOC…. Idk… I am not a fluent English speaker. It’s not my first language. I never have a character that so ” sociopath” like Sherlock. And the first part of the story  somewhat come from a true story :v 

And I do not live in London, all places mention in here are not reliable. 

Mention of Supernatural characters, Mystrange  and their second generation as well. Yes, this is my first attempt to try to connect SuperWhoLock universes together… I hope I won’t fail too miserably . I.DO.NOT.WATCH.DOCTOR.WHO. so I am very sorry for any wrong information. 

Inspired by this tumblr post . Photo source :  BBC1

-  Be quiet Hal! You will blow our cover up !

It is almost 2 in the morning, the cold breeze of London’s winter is blowing, desires to rip off the body warmth , and on Baker Street, two small shadows is lurking in the dark. It is a very dark night, even though the street lamps are shining the pavements up brightly , the dark is still bothersome. The moon is already disappear, and the stars are blinking weakly on the dark royal purple sky. The two shadows, one shorter than the other, slowly moving to the house with the number 221B dimly on its black door, the door handle sits straight, dimly shine. Two shadows, one with straight brown hair, insanely blue eyes and one with light green eyes shining under curly mop of dark hair. The house is quiet, all the lights are already out for a very long time. The taller shadow pull a long relief sigh, carefully picks up the door mat and take the spare key he hid there earlier yesterday.  Behind him, the shorter shadow with the face of a 14 years old kid cautiously check out the windows on the second floor. The crimson red curtains  fall over the window, hide the room inside from outsiders’ sight.

- Come on Will. It is freezing out here

The taller shadow slowly input the key into its lock, twist the key with extra careful, and pushes the door open in one quick motion. The hallway is uncomfortable dark, with the long wooden staircase lead to the upper levels. William, the taller shadow quickly makes a room so his brother can sneaks in and slowly close the main door behind them. Hamish, the boy with aquamarine blue eyes, carefully checks the motions from upstairs. He hears none. Maybe his fathers are really asleep. They quickly take off their sneakers and put them in the cabinet, tip toe on the maroon carpeted floor.

The continue to hide in the dark shadows on the staircase, they just only need to make it through the second floor. Just the second floor and they are safe. One step, two step, that’s , slowly and quietly like little black kittens. Slowly, the 8th step will squeak if you step on it , alright, skip it. William stops , puts out a hand to resists his brother, carefully checks the only door on the second floor. It is still closed without any noise coming out from the inside. Tiny drops of sweat wet his palms. He has a very unsafe feeling about this. This is too quiet, too dim for a night at 221B Baker Street. Hamish swallows hard, his hearts pounding in his chest loudly. He knows Will feels something, he knows because he feels it too. Something not right, something too unnatural, something they forgot.

- Maybe he is too tired. Father went to meet Uncle Mycroft earlier remember? Maybe..

- No. It cannot be. But… Just go Hal. It’s okay.

Hamish swallows, the feeling makes him uncomfortable. He feels dizzy. Something is not right, something is very very wrong. He tips toes pass the door on the second floor, quickly get up the staircase leads to his shared room with Will follows right behind him. Suddenly it hits him like a powerful wave. His brain twists in his little head, like a gear suddenly stops in a clock system. He turns around, grabs Will’s hand, whispers under his breath with panic voice, eyes open wide.

- Uncle Mycroft is here.

- Wha…

-The knocker. It is not crooked. He is here. Father and Papa never fix it. He is OCD. He fixes it every time he comes.

- Congrats Hamish. At least you notice your uncle’s habit.

A low soft voice put a cold run down both brothers’ spine. Oh crap… They are going to be in so much trouble. Hamish , instinctively moves closer to his brother, seeking for a safe place. William swallows hard, sweat forming themselves on his hidden forehead. Crap… Two different footsteps. No, three at least. Three different people is coming down from the upper level. Their Father, Papa and beloved Uncle Mycroft with his pitch black umbrella in hand. And there they are. Their Father in his usual white shirt and carmine robes tights around his waist, his hands clasped in front of his mouth. Their Papa, looking very uncomfortable angry , hands in his pants pocket, glaring at Will. And their wonderful Uncle Mycroft smiling brightly at them with his eyes shining. The sudden light turn on from the first floor make both brothers jerk up. Mrs. Hudson, a very angry Mrs. Hudson standing at the middle of the stairway underneath them.

- Look, Papa.  I am very sorry. We…

- No .  Do you know what time is it ? Two in the morning William. What do you think when you drag your fourteen year-old little brother out of the house until two in the morning ? And I cannot even call you on your cell. Why Will ??

- Papa, but Hal…

- Do you know how scared I am when I cannot find you guys in your rooms ? What do you think William Watson Holmes ? Are you out of your mind ? And you too Hamish. I thought you will control your brother not accomplice him.

- Papa.. I am…

Will unconsciously squeezes his little brother’s hand to find him shaking. The kid never break a rule before, of course he is scare. His blue eyes shining with unshed tears and his lips trembling with guilt. Hamish other hands grabs his jacket  so tight than his knuckles turn white. Will squeezes his hand tightly, trying to calm the kid down, praying that his brother just not get hyperventilation from a stress . Hamish breath in a broken breath, trying to hold back his tears, lower his eyes to study the pattern on the wooden staircase.

- Look Papa, we are sorry. We did not mean to get home this late.

- Tell me where the puppies are.

William jerks to look up at their Father, his eyes just like Hamish, insanely blue with a sight of hidden wisdom. Their Papa just looks at them , confusing, the curves around his mouth soften. Father soothing words make he feels dizzy. How did he know? The puppies… He can see Hamish starts to sob quietly next to him , makes  he feels the urge to hug the tiny kid into his arms and hide him forever. Father quietly comes down from the staircase, coo little Hamish with his whisper, open up his arms to hug his son into his arms.

- It’s okay Hal. It’s okay.

- I am sorry Father. I .. I cannot leave … It is not Will’s fault…

Hamish broken words through the tears broke John’s heart. He was scare, he was so scare when he went to their room to check on them but they were not there. The kid went out earlier that day, but they suppose to be home at the time. London is not particular a safe place late at night. It scared him so much, the thought of losing his precious sons. William, yes, the kid is seventeen, he did sneak out a couple of times before, but never with his little brother with him. Hamish, the kid maybe a little hard to handle, with that copy and paste personality from Sherlock , but he never show any rebellious motion, It scared him so much when he thought of someone kidnapped his little children. He was so afraid that he called Sherlock from Mycroft’s office, told him that he kids went missing from their bedroom and he cannot call Will on his cell phone . It scared him , the thought of losing his precious little one.

- It’s okay Hamish. It’s not your or Will’s fault. You did a good job. It is okay.

Sherlock pats on his little son’s shaking back gently , feeling Hamish hot wet tears on his chest and his arms tightly around his waist. He whispers softly into his son’s hair, calming the anxious kid down. William looks at him apologist in the eyes, his arms suddenly feel so excessive .

- It is okay Will. We don’t blame you. Just give me a call if you stay out late. Is that okay ?

John softly speak, ruffles his son’s head of curly chocolate brown hair , smiles at him sweetly. Will looks at him with surprise chrysoprase green eyes. What does the kid expect? For John to yells at him for being irresponsible? Maybe he is a strict parents. But this time, it is okay. They did the right thing. Even when they broke like 10 house rules tonight, it is still okay. As long as they do the right thing ,  it is all okay. They are home now, safe and sound in their protective arms, is the most important thing.

- Oh yes dear Hamish, I believe you and young William here have some puppies that need a place to sleep?

Hamish jerks up from Sherlock’s chest, his face is all red and his eyes are swollen from tears. His Uncle Mycroft still wears that soft half smirk, half smile on his lips, his phone holds in front of him, showing a photo of a box of puppies with ginger fur , curling up in a carton box with the kids handkerchiefs and lots of rags on top of them to keep them warm. A wide smile appear on both brothers face, they rush over to their Uncle , take a closer look at the photo, their smile brighten up on their face. Mycroft looks up to his brother, a hidden smile in his eyes.

Sherlock moves uncomfortably on his spot, smiling softly at his children.John looks at him, move over a little bit to hug his back in his arm.

- I believe a certain Sam Winchester is very welcome the puppies to stay for the night.

- Sam Winchester? Is that Henry Winchester Jr. ‘s uncle ? You know the oldest Winchester kid ?

- Yeah !! The puppies will love Gabriel’s candy shop so so so much !!!

A bright smile spread across John’s face. Ah… The puppies will be safe and sound in Sam and Gabriel’s care. Sam is a vet after all. Who thinks the guy and his former archangel husband will settle down in London. The last time they were in a battle angels the Weeping Angels with Sam’s older brother, Dean, Castiel and Gabriel. Not forget to mention the ” Doctor” with his companion, Rose . John just suddenly wonder where is the Doctor now. The older Winchester already moved to Canada with their three kids and a former Prophet of the Lord. Sam and Gabriel moved to London 3 years ago to open a candy shop down on Main street. And the last time he heard about the Doctor, he is trying to stop a civil war in a planet somewhere outside of our Milky Way.

- Father ! Can I go and see the puppies tomorrow ? Please Father please ???

Hamish yells excitedly, causing a smile on Sherlock’s face. He quietly nods and happily look at his kids blissful expression, with their biggest and brightest smile. Hamish just rushes and hugs in Father tightly, keeps saying how thankful he is while Will , as rebellious as a seventeen teenager can get, refuse to hugs his Papa, but embarrasses moving back and forth in his spot, saying thank you to both his uncle and fathers. Soon, the puppies Hamish and he found in a carton box in a dark corner of alley near King Cross Station,  abandoned,one of them already died of coldness when they found the box, are going to find a home and someone to take care of them. They already did their best to keep the puppies warm, but since Hamish got some sort of asthma, they cannot bring them home. Will found a locker without a lock in the station, Hal stole some cloth and rags from the cleaning lady’s basket and they tried their best to make a comfortable nest for the puppies. But now, they do not need to worry no more. Uncle Greg’s team already found the puppies and Henry Jr.’s uncle can take care of them. Soon , they will find someone to love them, cherish them and take care of them. All will be well.

 __________________________ END________________________

[ FanFic ][Destiel][Second Generations] Like It Here

Author : Day Dreamer

Pairing : Dean Winchester and Castiel – Supernatural

I have a brief introduce of the Second Generations right here

Mention of Sabriel.

I did not own Supernatural or its characters . I only own the plot of this fic and all the OCs .

Please ask for permission before take out of this WordPress

Comments and likes are welcome.

Please support meeeeee :(

Note : My ultimate AU ever is someone will live even they die canonically. I don’t care, some character will be raise up from the death mysteriously by me.

- Day Dreamer


It is a very fine summer day. The sky is in a shade of light baby blue , white clouds with shapes of sheeps and ice cream cones and the sun is shining brightly. Alberta  is a very beautiful province of Canada. Dean has never regret moving his family over here from the States, it’s better for the kids to grow up here anyway. Not that the States is too bad or anything, it just too dangerous to raise up 3 little bundles of wonders where monsters and hunters are killing each other everyday around them. He won’t come back to the States , not until the kids are old enough to understand the good old ” family business” . The weather is too cold sometimes, and the winter comes too soon but despite all of that, Canada is consider as a “safe place for kids” in Dean’s dictionary. In addition, everyone likes it. Even Sam agrees to leave the Bat Cave to come for a visit every Christmas and from time to time, with Gabriel,  even when he keeps moaning about how freaking cold Canada is and ” Canada has 10 provinces Dean ! Why Alberta Dean ? Why this bloody cold place Dean?” . And every time, Dean will just laugh it off and pick up one of his little kid from the carpeted floor and coo them in his arms.

Kevin likes it here too. He can drives for like 30 minutes to get to his university and can pick Adam up from the kindergarten easily if Dean is too busy at the tech shop to pick the 4 years old kid  up and Castiel always has class during that time of the day. Kevin adores the kids. He love wakes them up, braid Marry Ellen’s hair and play with them in the backyard every weekends. He was sometimes mistaken to be the kids’ oldest brother too.He likes it here, living with Dean, Castiel and their adorable children , attending the University of Alberta to finish his diploma in Language. He just realise he likes studying about Linguistic and all those History stuffs , as long as it not Enochian, he is good with it. And Charlie, oh good old Charlie, who sometimes pay them a visit now and then from Oz. She is always so energetic and funny. The kids just adore her so much.

As long as everyone is happy living in Canada, having barbecue in Summer and having snowball fight with lots of hot chocolate in Winter, Dean does not once regret moving to Canada, adopting his precious children , married Castiel and staying away from his hunter’s life.

- Daddy ! Hide me Daddy !

Dean smiles softly when he hears Adam’s panic voice calls him from the hallway, running fast into his lap with only his jeans on. Dean pretends to hide the kid into his arms while turn off the TV at the same time to pick him up for a bath.

- ADAM JIMMY ! Father said you need to take a shower right now or he will force you too !

A very loud , very high pitch yell has been heard from the top of the stares. Henry Jr. , currently 8 years old, with personality adopted from his Uncle Sam, is yelling, running out from the bathroom upstairs. Dean sometimes asks himself what did he do wrong with Henry. The kid is 8 years old, think like 20 and act like 30 most of the time.  His oldest son is nothing like him but a very ruled young man with responsibility to his kid siblings , gets up on time, tight his own shoes laces, and does his always finish his homeworks. Castiel is just so proud of his little kid. Henry is such a great kid, knowing his responsibility as an oldest brother , knowing the right thing to do and do not cause any major troubles.

- Daddy !!! Father said if you do not bring Adam up here he will hide all the apple pies !!!


Castiel’s voice is heard from the bathroom, where Dean sure is now soaking wet with a very furious temper Cas. Adam tucks Dean’s sleves, looks up at him with his watery big sapphire blue eyes .

- You are not going to take me up to Father, aren’t you Daddy ?

- Adam Jimmy !! Father is serious !!! Get up here right now.

Castiel furiously peaks out of the wooden parapet , soaking wet from top to toes, just as Dean expected, with Henry Jr.’s  little brown hairy head next to him, fully dressed in a red shirt and blue pants and very , very angry Mary Ellen storming down the stair.

- Adam James Samuel Winchester. You need to take a shower right now or I will tell Ms.Walpole about it.

Adam suddenly becomes extremely pale when his older sister mention of his kindergarten teacher. Ms.Walpole is the nicest women you will ever meet in your life, but she will be the scariest one too if she heard that one of her students is causing troubles at home. She said that parents already work very hard and they should not cause them any unnecessary  trouble.

- Uh-oh Adam Jimmy… Seems like you have to take a shower right now or Ms.Walpole will hear about it…

Dean whispers into his youngest son’s ears, softly smile when he boy shrugs out of his arms, slowly make his way to the bathroom with his Father,murmuring about how stupid taking a shower sound to him. Dean waits until Castiel and little Adam is in the bathroom before turns to his daughter and raises an eyebrow at her.

- Full name treatment huh? I’m pretty glad your Father and I give you long names now. And don’t tell Father I taught you that .

The little 6 year-old giggle softly and jumps into his open arms, her arms  around his neck and her legs wrap tightly around his waist. Dean laughs, holds on to his daughter’s tiny form, careful not to trapped his arms in her golden brown long locks and make his way to the bathroom at the second floor. Henry Jr, who is reading his trilogy of The Hunger Games, suddenly asks him when he reacts the last step.

- Daddy, Father won’t throw away all the pies if Adam Jimmy doesn’t take a shower, will him Daddy?

Now that’s a little bit of Dean Winchester in there. Dean puts Marry Ellen down , sits down next to Henry , in front of the bathroom closed door, Marry Ellen in his lap.

- I don’t know little. Maybe. That’s why we need to keep Adam Jimmy’s hygiene everyday. Or we will never get to eat those delicious apple pies again…

The look of pure horror on Henry Jr. face makes Dean laughs. Ruffles the boy’s dark brown hair, Dean drags the little kid into his lap to sits with his sister, waiting for their little brother and Father to finish with all these hygiene stuff. Kevin peeks his head out of his bedroom’s door, giggles a little bit before secretly takes a photo with his phone, giggles to himself before curls up in his bed to finishes his Downtown Abbey’s marathon.

That afternoon, if you tell Dean 5 years ago that he is going to make grilled cheese for a bunch of kids in his house in freaking Canada, he would ask you if you bumped your head somewhere, but, right now, at this moment, Dean is happily spreading margarine on a slice of bread, humping Hey Jude and flipping a slice of bread on the saucepan. Mean while, in the light yellow living room,  Henry Jr. is quietly reading his book, his brown bangs fall in front of his forehead, sitting on his dark green armchair next to the big window. His little sister, Marry Ellen, is sitting on the table, playing some sort of board game with Kevin , her pink floral dress radiant her bright golden brown hair and green eyes. And the littlest Adam Jimmy watching his sister’s game, his mouth open a little bit, his chubby arms rests on the edge of the table, his sapphire blue eyes shining brightly.

- It smells so good Dean.

Castiel says softly, hugs Dean from behind and rest his head on Dean’s back, quietly smile. Dean chuckles, manages to flip a grilled cheese on the pan, his other hand rest on Cas’s connected hands on his belly, rubbing softly on their wedding rings. He can feels Cas”s relaxed breathe, his weight resting on Dean’s back, perfectly protected. Perfectly happy. Cas gives Dean a peck and his neck, looks over his shoulder to look at the pan, smiling quietly to himself. 5 years ago, if you tell Castiel that he is hugging Dean Winchester in their house’s bright green kitchen, while Dean makes grilled cheese, their wedding ring shining on his finger and their children in the living room, Cas would just chucked at you and give you an Angel Blade to protect yourself from the  Grand Final Battle. But right now at this moment, Castiel’s Heaven is here. His kids happily going to school everyday, Dean is happy with his job at the tech shop , Kevin going insane with his graduation project on Ancient Language while marathon Downtown Abbey, and Castiel is happy himself with his part -time job at a local High School, teaching History. Sam and Gabriel will visit them from time to time , travelling all the way from the States, and according to Sam, the most annoying trip of the year. Castiel chuckles, he knows Gabe has a thing for Sam, they just too stubborn to realise it yet. But one day, soon he hopes, soon they will realise it and settle down from the ” family business” at the Bat Cave . Garth can handle Sam’s job , just like what Bobby did so many years ago and Gabe can finally open a candies shop somewhere in downtown of a decent lovely city somewhere around the world instead of running around helping young Hunters on their cases.

- Erh… Dean… We have 30 minutes until Sam’s flight arrive…

Kevin awkwardly reminds the cuddling couple in the kitchen, peaks his head at the corner, Marry Ellen giggles next to him and Henry Jr. just chuckes. Cas kisses Dean on his cheek before let go of him, smiling brightly at his children and Kevin.  He picks Marry Ellen up from the wooden floor, cooing her in his arms, causing her to giggle loudly.

- Quickly kids, go and change. We are going to pick Uncle Sam and Uncle Gabriel at the airport soon.

- Daddy ! When would you teach me to drive Baby ??? I want to drive Baby !

Dean turns his attention off the last grilled cheese, smirking at his oldest son. The kid sticks out his pink little tongue, runs out of the kitchen to his room to change his clothes. Dean chuckes to himself, putting all the grilled cheese into a container for the kids to snack on the way to the airport. It is kind of unhealthy to snack on grilled cheese, but who care, Dean does not tend to train his kids to eat like their Uncle Sam, who eat rabbit food which consider to be healthy. Which make Castiel very angry and would like Dean to let their kids eat nutritiously with Five Foods Group and keep hydrated thoroughly everyday which Dean blames on Cas’s high school Foods teachers. He turns off the stove, takes out a picnic bags to fill it up with his container, some milk boxes and tissues for the kids. After moving to Canada, married Castiel and adopted the kids, Dean brought a new car, because Baby is getting old with ages. It is kind off sad for him to not drive Baby that frequently anymore, but it is good, Baby is forever his Baby, he drives her to go for grocery every week. Her trunk which used to filled with guns and holy water, is now a place for him to keep the family picnic’s stuffs and to bring grocery home. It is a little sad sometimes for Dean.  He was once surprise when he did not see his usual weapons in Baby’s trunk, but he saw the kids toys, their picnic blanket, Henry Jr.’s basketball and Marry Ellen’s skates for their trips to the park. But then, he would always hear one of his children’s voice from the window, yelling something about Adam Jimmy is driving their Father’s nuts.

- Daddy Daddy ! How do I look ?

Marry Ellen runs out from the garage door, her voice chipping loudly and excitedly. She looks like a little princess in her white dress and a little turquoise bow on her golden brown hair. Her feet is moving in her new black platform that Kevin gave her on her birthday last month. She is smiling brightly, turning around on her toes so he can look at her properly. She is like a little ballet dancer, gently and gorgeous.

- You look very pretty Marry Ellen. Do your brothers finish changing yet?

- Henry does, but Adam Jimmy still consider if he wants to wear his red shirt or blue shirt.

- Very well, now, why don’t you get in the car and wait for me, okay?

- Okay daddy.

She happily gets into the car, asking him to be quick because she doesn’t want her Uncles to wait for them. Dean smiles at her, saying yes. At that momment, two blue shadows storming down from the stairs, follow by Kevin’s warning about not running on stairs. Henry Jr. is in his bright blue shirt and jeans, his hair is combed and his brow bangs swinging in front of his baby blue eyes. It seems like he was chasing his little brother then. Adam Jimmy is panting loudly, holding his laughter. Dean glares at them, asks them to get into the car and wait for a little bit more. That’s the perfect moment for Sam to calls him on his phone , asking where is he.

- Oh hi Sammy ! Yes yes, we are nearly there. Yes, Adam Jimmy did not want to take a shower so we are a little bit late on schedule.

- Say hi to my favorites nephews and niece for me !

Dean can hears Gabriel’s voice loud and clear on the other line, laughing loudly. Cas just got down from the stair and quickly get into the car. He does not want to be late any longer. Kevin’s car slowly gets in the main road, follow by the Winchesters’ . The kids are starting to sing Sponge Bob Square Pants’s theme song excitedly at the back seat, causing a big bright smile on Dean and Cas’s faces. Dean holds out his right hand, and Cas takes the offer, holding his hand tightly with his left hand, squeezing his golden wedding  ring . The warmth of Dean’s rough skin cause a soft smile on his face. He likes it here, where the kids is safe and everyone is happy. He cannot ask for more. Heaven is kind enough to let him meet Dean, to made him saved Dean from perdition. To Castiel, the former angel, that is enough. He had found his Heaven on Earth.

___________________________END ______________________________

I live in Alberta, Canada. So yeah… Technically … I am describing my province…

Second Generations of my OTPs

Okay, I have this idea in my mind for a really long time already


Like, their kids you know.

I only have some right now, but I’m sure I will figure out more in the near future .

And I am thinking of publishing some of my 2nd Generation fics …. so yeah…

Let’s start !


Henry Robert Gabriel Winchester the Junior .

*  Real name : Ben Barnes * 

* the infamous gif of Destiel’s lovechild on tumblr*

I name him Henry Winchester Jr. in most of my rough draft of Second Generations Ficlet.

He is prefer as HENRY WINCHESTER JR.

I name him the name Henry is to me, Henry Winchester is a very special character. I don’t know why, but Henry gave me the feeling that if he is still alive, he would be that kind of granddad who will read you stories and tell you his adventures and your dad’s secrets during your stay at his farmhouse for Summer holidays .

Robert is for Bobby. Bobby is technically Dean and Sam’s dad . He cared for them much more than John did and he loved them as his own children that he could never has.

Gabriel is for Gabriel of course. I like Gabriel so so much, I think Castiel will give his son Gabriel as middle name because in my headcanon, no one care of Cas more as a fledgling than Gabe * along with Balthy also* . Gabe is a special someone, a really caring brother before everything happen on Heaven and I think Cas would love to name his son after him.

He also have other name , such as Josh Winchester , but I rarely use it because I know this particular guy who name also Josh and he wears Samulet . And it hurts so bad whenever I use that name since I would think that Uncle Sam will somehow give the amulet to his nephew.

I did not find any actress that fit the image of Destiel’s daughter in my headcanon. But I name her Mary Elizabeth ( Ellen ) Winchester the Second or my little sister said she like her name be Abigail Marry Ellen WInchester. Abigail mean father’s joy.

You guys know the reason behind Mary Winchester the Second because I think everyone in the fandom use that name for their daughter really

However, I can imagine another boy being Destiel’s youngest son. And he is no other than : Logan Lerman.

Adam James Samuel Winchester ( still think if I need to add Jr. )

* senior prom? *

* I can totally see Dean and Cas be like ” go on Adam, go on. Talk to her ” at the background*

Yes, I still mad that they forgot Adam and I want Jake Abel to be on the show so bad. The main reason I came up with Lorgan is because I was watching Sea of Monsters and I just : oh shit he look like a Winchester to me. And I came up with the name ” Adam ” because of Jake Abel.

And James is dedicated for Jimmy Novark , who I think Cas owes his life and family. I think Cas will sure name his son after him.

And Samuel is for Sam of course.




* Real name : Asa Butterfield*

I love this fandom

* I have to stay at Uncle Mycroft’s tonight dads ???? But daddddd I want to see the crime scene *

Well. I think everyone in the fandom agree on this name even when John hates it .

I particular like this photo because all I can see when I look at it is : ” Dads, when will you pick me up? I rather be with Uncle Mycroft than be here with these guys who don’t even know 50 types of ashes. “

And if you go on Google ans search for Hamish Watson Holmes, Google will suggest you with Asa Butterfield . I didn’t lie, go find it out yourself xD

And I swear, Asa Butterfield is the cutest thing since puppies. Follow his instagram and you will drown in cuteness. Trust me.

And I did come up with another son of them, an older one, just lately so I didnot have so many thing about him really.

William Watson Holmes Jr.

I just put the ” Junior” part after season 3 ep 3. I like fancy names, I love the name William. And bam, look what Season 3 brought me.

Since Sherlock goes by his middle name and Hamish is named after John’s middle name, I think it’s fair for me to keep him as William Holmes Jr.

[ Lảm Nhảm ] Warrior Baek Dong Soo ( 2011 )

I am really really sorry about this but I am so excited and I cannot write the whole introduce for this show in English because there are so many things about it that I don’t have enough vocabulary to describe xD I will write a short English introduce later with the open of my new page for English reader of my WordPress <3

And later on , when I finish the show, I will write a brief spoilers post in English and Vietnamese if I can xD

- Krystal aka Day Dreamer -



Đã biết là mình đi sau thời đại, phim ra từ thời 2011 mà tới 2014 mới ló mặt ra coi =]] Thiệt sự là không phải gì nhưng tại cứ quên, thấy nhiều lần tấm hình bé Yoo Seung Ho tóc dài đẹp rạng ngời ông mặt trời rồi, trong bụng nghĩ về kiếm coi mà cứ quên T_T Tới hôm nọ , đi lượn WordPress thì mò ra cái post của thánh nhân nào đó đã hảo tâm list ra một loạt phim hints bắn rát mặt và ta, giữa trời đêm 10h của Canada, ta đã gào rú vì cuối cùng cũng tìm ra cái phim mà bé Ho làm mĩ nhơn rồi =]]]] * thiêu điều chút nữa nhà hàng xóm gọi police vì tưởng ta bị bạo hành đó a ;___; * Với lại ta bỏ K-drama cũng hơn 5 năm nay rồi, nên bắt đc cái phim này giống như bắt đc vàng đó a =]]]]

* chỉ lên * là cái tấm hình tày trời này đây ạ

Nói dông nói dài sẽ mệt, thì cứ chém cái đã =))) Về cơ bản là đến lúc này chỉ mới coi đến ep 24 , nhưng cháu nó đã biết tới cái kết cục ngược đến thảm thương của phim ;__; Thôi thì đã gắn cho cái post này là introduce , cũng phải chém tí đã ._.


( Bản lồng tiếng có tên là ĐÔNG SIÊU PHỤC THÙ )

* tung bông *

Phim này ra mắt năm 2011, tính tới thời điểm nay là 1014 thì cũng đã là 3 năm rồi a .

Dàn diễn viên chính gồm có :

Yoo Seung Ho – Yeo Woon 

aka Mỹ nhơn mắt buồn, hay Kẻ ta không dám nhìn tận mặt a.

Trước giờ, ta biết bé Ho đẹp, trích lời mẹ ta khi nhìn thấy bé trên God of Study là :” Thằng nhỏ quậy quậy nhìn dễ thương.” hay th bạn thân của ta ” Đứa nào kêu Yoo Seung Ho xấu, đứa đó có mặt như mù.”  Trước giờ ta biết em đẹp, đẹp rạng ngời , nhưng mà ta không ngờ trong WBDS em lại đẹp đến mức ta không dám nhìn thẳng mặt em. Ta thực sự không dám đó. Nhìn mặt Yeo Woon, ta thực sự không dám đó.

Vì thực sự Yeo Woon mang một nét đẹp rất buồn, rất đau thương. Ta không phải loại con gái dũng cảm, ta rất dễ siêu lòng, , nhìn một đôi mắt, một gương mặt buồn, ta rất dễ khóc.Lúc này nè, đã gần 12h đêm ròi, ngồi type nững dòng này , ta vẫn thấy cái buồn phản phất trên mặt em. Yeo Woon có một cuộc đời thật ngắn, và cũng thật buồn. Ta hay đùa rằng cái thứ gọi là Hồng nhan bạc mệnh là rỗi đời. Ta nghĩ rằng, đã là hồng nha, là đã có một tương lai mở rộng chào đón. Nhưng em, Yeo Woon với nét buồn phản phất, em vẫn là con người mang trong mình sự đau thương của tất cả. Đôi khi ta vẫn nằm bó gối, rồi lại vu vơ nghĩ rằng, nếu ngày đó cha em không tự đâm mình bằng kiếm của em, hay ngày đó cha em đã không cho rằng em là đứa trẻ mang sao sát tinh, liệu em sẽ ra sao ? Ta vẫn nghĩ rằng, nếu ngày ấy Chorip không bức em đến lao vào đường cụt, có lẽ em đã thực sự biến mất khỏi Hanyang, sống một cuộc sống không còn phải lo nghĩ đến cái gọi là định mệnh.

Em lớn lên với Cheon Ju, ta luôn tin rằng kẻ ấy, dù có là sát thủ, có lẽ cũng từng yêu thương em. Rồi em gặp tên cẩu tặc tội nhân thiên cổ, để hắn làm ánh sáng cho em , nhưng rồi cũng vì hắn mà tự tìm đến cái chết. Ta không đang tâm, ta chỉ muốn băm đạo diễn ra làm chục mảnh khi ta đọc thấy rằng em cuối cùng vẫn chết, nhưng là chết trong vòng tay người em yêu thương , ta bỗng thấy có lẽ cho em tan biến đi cũng là điều tốt.  Tên em có nghĩa là Mây, mà mây thì sẽ phải theo gió , vô tư, tự tại, đến nơi nào em đến, dừng chân chỗ nào thì dừng , em chết đi rồi, có lẽ sẽ thanh thản hơn. Em sẽ có cuộc sống tự do , quay trở về chốn cũ, qua trời mây , em rồi sẽ trở về bầu trời.

Ji Chang Wook – Baek Dong Soo

aka Soo lú hay theo ta là tội nhân thiên cổ 

Baek Dong Soo là tội nhân thiên cổ, con người mà ta chỉ muốn cào cấu cắn xé , đánh cho bầm dập, cầm kiếm chọt người hắn cho lủng lỗ mà thôi =3= Vì sao a ? Vì hắn lú quá thể a . Sự lú của hắn khiến ta nhìn thôi cũng muốn cho hắn ăn đập a =3=

Hắn ngày nhỏ, vì bị tật mà không luyện tập được võ công , cũng không chảy nhảy được nhiều, thực lòng là tầm 4 tập đầu là có chút thương hắn ha. Vì hắn ngày nhỏ rất đáng thương mà. Cả khuôn mặt cũng khiến ta có chút cảm tình đi. Nhưng càng về sau, ta càng hận hắn. Hận vì hắn không kịp nhân ra bạn hắn, kẻ đã ở bên hắn 8 năm, cùng hắn lớn lên , vượt qua nhiều bảo tố, hắn lại không nhìn ra được nỗi khổ của người đó. Ta cũng chỉ mới xem đến 24 thôi, ta không rõ trước lúc y chết, hắn có làm được gì cho y. Ta vẫn luôn nghĩ rằng , hắn là vì quá vô tư, hắn không nhận ra được tình cảm của y dành cho hắn, cũng nhu sự quan tâm của hắn cho y đã hơn cả tình bạn. Hắn là đứa trẻ tội nghiệp, ta vẫn muốn ôm hắn vào lòng mà dỗ dành , yêu thương hắn để hắn quên đi những cái chết của những người xung quanh. Nhưng ta vẫn không thể tha thứ cho hắn , vì có lẽ ta yêu hình tượng của y quá nhiều, vì hắn mà y đã tìm đến cái chết. Nếu hắn nhận ra tâm tư của y sớm hơn? Nếu hắn nhận ra y đang dằn vặt, đang đau khổ ? Nếu hắn đã cố gắng nhiều hơn chút nữa để đem y quay trở lại, liệu y có chết trong vòng tay hắn hay không ? Với hình tượng của hắn, ta thương nhưng ta cũng hận, vì tính ta như vậy rồi, ta thương vì hắn thực sự rất tội nghiệp, ta hận vì ta biết, tình bạn hơn 10 năm như thế là không dễ bỏ đi, nhưng hắn đã không kịp cứu lấy y . Ta hận là vì y mà thôi.

Shin Hyun Bin – Yoo Ji Seon

Đây chính thực là bánh bèo vô dụng a. Thím ni cô này là một tron những nhân vật ta ghét nhất phim a . Ta không thương thím chỗ nào hết . Vì thím không có lợi ích chỗ nào ngoài cái tấm bản đồ trên lưng thím a =3=

Ta khi vừa bắt đầu coi, đinh ninh là thím sẽ chết theo Sado thái tử rồi, nhưng thím vẫn ngời ngời tới tận lúc cuối a . Nhưng chân thành chia buồn với thím nha, sau bao nhiêu lâu ở cạnh Soo , tới phút cuối, thím vẫn bị nhầm thành Woon mỹ nhân a =)))

Ta k thích thím , vì thím chỉ là làm nền, ngoài việc bị bắt với bị rượt ra thím k làm đc cái quái gì hết ráo ngoại trừ nỗ lực làm bình phong để che dấu sự đam mỹ trá hình rành rành  a =]]]] Ta thấy thím vô dụng, là thực sự nếu thím chết cùng Sado , có lẽ phim đã thực sự trở thành đam mỹ ngược luyến tàn tâm a . Vì càng về sau, câu chuyện càng không liên quan đến thím mà. Với họa chăng, Woon năm lần bảy lượt cứu thím, cũng chỉ vì thím là người Soo yêu, nó chỉ là đứa trẻ ngốc, bảo vệ thím cũng chỉ vì người kia ?

Choi Jae Hwan – Yang Chorip

* vỗ tay bồm bộp * Ta hận Soo , chỉ là hận , còn ngươi, là ta ghét. Vì ngươi là tên tả chỉ muốn băm, chặt, cào cấu cắn xé cho hả dạ.  Tên như ngươi không đáng làm bạn. Vì hành động của ngươi là thực sự đáng chết. Những tập đầu , ta rất thương ngươi, vì ngươi là đứa yếu kém nhất trong 3 đứa, nhưng càng về sau, nhất là sau khi ngươi buông câu đó với nó, bức nó tới bước đường cùng, ta thực sự chỉ buốn giết ngươi chết, rồi chặt ngươi ra đem cho quạ mổ.

Yoo Soo Yi – Hwang Jin Joo

* ôm ôm * Ta thương ngươi rất nhiều a . Vì ngươi rất đáng yêu, tính cách lại rất giống ta a . Ta nói nữa thì thành dòng sông, vì điều ta thích ở ngươi là rất nhiều . Chúc ngươi hạnh phúc với King Hong Do a . Ta ship 2 đưa bây nhiều lắm a <3

* tự thấy mình quá lười khi viết có 2 dòng ._. *

Nói chung, cái phim này đem tới nhiều cảm xúc . Cũng vì lâu rồi mới coi lại Kdrama, ta lại yêu hình tượng của bé Ho trong đây quá nhiều nên ta thưc sự có hơi bất công với những nhân vật khác ._. Nói sao thì nói, cái kết chỉ muốn làm ta chọi dép vào màn hình, kiếm biên kịch với tác giả mà cắn.

Nhưng thực sự từ lời thoại, ánh mắt, cử chỉ của Soo với Woon thực sự ám muội, ngoài ra, còn có cả OST . Nhạc phim chính là thứ đem cảm xúc đến cho người xem, nhưng để lúc 2 đứa nó thăm nhau, nhạc nổi lên là Fall In Love với lời không thể sến hơn thì ta nó thật nó đã quá ám muội. Tuy nhiên a, OST của phim có 1 bài k đc lên sóng , là Meet Again của Chang Wook thu luôn a . Hẳn là quá ám muội, vì cả bài nói rằng người yêu chết sẽ sống ra sao a ._. Cơ theo ta nhớ thì thím ni cô vô dụng k có chết a =]]]]

Lảm nhảm vậy là đủ rồi. Hôm sau ta coi hết rồi lảm nhảm tiếp.

Yêu nhiều a <3